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Barrier Repair Duo

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Our iconic duo delivers a proven combination of essential barrier lipids to help enhance your skin’s natural resilience and support barrier recovery.

The intelligent ingredients found within these formulas – Ceramides, Cholesterol, Fatty acids, and Antioxidants – restore lipid balance to dry, sensitive skin for optimal barrier function, deeply moisturising, creating an invisible protective shield that defends against the ageing effects of environmental aggressors.

Includes Full-size 50ml Fortify Moisturiser and 30ml Bio Lipid Skin Shot.

Daily Ritual: Press a few drops of Bio onto your face, neck, and décolleté. Allow to sink in and apply a layer of Fortify, which can be used separately or blended for an instant mask.

Who it’s for: Impaired barrier, redness, irritation, dry, fine lines. Ideal for post-procedure skin, including micro-needling, laser, and chemical peels.

What it does:
Fortifies sensitised skin, shielding against the environmental and internal triggers that lead to skin stress by delivering a proven combination of skin-identical ingredients to deeply nourish, reduce sensitivity, and support natural barrier recovery.

The Barrier Function Explained:
The outermost layer of your epidermis – the stratum corneum – has a brick-and-mortar-like structure; think of the “bricks” as skin cells and the “mortar” as a fatty matrix that seals your skin, keeping the bad guys out and the good guys in. It is this fatty matrix that is crucial to repairing your skin’s protective barrier.

The barrier is comprised of Ceramides, Cholesterol, Phosphatidylcholine, and Fatty Acids, which unfortunately deplete with age, trauma, harsh treatments, and environmental pollutants. When they are out of balance, your skin feels and looks undesirable and is more susceptible to sensitivity, dryness, premature ageing, and bacteria, leading to breakouts of acne and inflammation.

Therefore, keeping your barrier function intact is essential to avoid the breakdown of these components; when the protective layer is balanced, your skin can hold on to its natural hydration, barrier disorders are avoided, and your skin looks youthful and healthy.

Our Solution:
This unique combination of products utilises skin-identical ingredients that resemble the membrane structure of your skin’s natural barrier. Composed of Phosphatidylcholine, Ceramides, Cholesterol, and Fatty Acids, that are naturally found in your skin to replenish and strengthen your skin’s barrier, keeping it in its natural and intact condition.

The Set Includes:
Fortify Barrier Repair Cream 50ml: Fortify contains the perfect ratio of 25% Cholesterol, 25% Fatty Acids, and 50% Ceramides – vital skin-identical ingredients that fuse with the structure of your skin; allowing it to perfectly integrate into the cells and the spaces between them, bringing much-needed relief to dry, fragile, impaired skin.

Bio Lipid Complex 30ml: Containing the precise, proportionate blend of Lipids identical to those found in the dermis that mimics the composition and structure of your skin’s lipid layer, keeping your skin’s barrier functioning effectively. Underlying tissues become less reactive, and skin correction naturally balances.


Skin Health Benefits


  • helps rebalance the skin’s microbiome
  • intensely moisturises dry, depleted skin
  • heals post-procedure skin – chemical peels, microneedling
  • optimises synthesis of filaggrin; a key protein in the barrier function
  • comforts and calms reactive skin, helping to reduce inflammation
  • natural antioxidants create a bright orange hue, neutralising free radicals and warding off premature ageing
  • boosts the skin’s ceramide and lipid production; improving structural integrity, rebuilding an impaired barrier


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