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Rosehip Seed Oil

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This gorgeous antioxidant powerhouse tackles fine lines, loss of firmness, redness, hyperpigmentation, and scars.

Rich in skin-loving Omega’s, Antioxidants, and Anti-inflammatories, delicate and vital Rosehip Seed Oil soothes your skin, providing exceptional healing by fuelling your tissue’s regeneration process with high concentrations of sterols, carotenoids, and omegas 3, 6, & 9.

Daily Ritual: Apply 3-5 drops over the face, neck, and décolleté before moisturising.

Skin Concerns: Premature ageing, broken capillaries, inflammation, breakouts, burns and superficial scarring.

100% Cold-pressed rosehip oil   30ml.  (1.0 fl oz).

Rosehip seed oil is renowned for its highly regenerative properties for dry, inflamed, premature aged skin.

The oil contains essential nutrients, including Linoleic (Omega 6), Linolenic (Omega 3), and Oleic (Omega 9) acids, Antioxidants, and high levels of Vitamins A and C; this is why it is considered the single most effective treatment for all types of scars, even friction burns.

We use only pure, cold-pressed, completely unrefined Rosehip Seed Oil. The delicate seeds are not damaged during extraction, allowing us to preserve the potent nutrients and incredible skin-healing benefits.

A fresh, long-lasting, silky oil with a vibrant orange hue boosts your skin’s health for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Tip: Use neat or add to your moisturiser; we have seen good results with inclusions as low as 10%.

Skin Health Benefits

  • deeply conditions your skin, improving firmness and elasticity
  • soothes and protects hyper-sensitive, inflamed or reactive skin
  • containing Vitamin A and E, which targets signs of photo-ageing caused by repeated exposure to UV radiation
  • rich in Antioxidants and Carotenoids that repair and protect your skin against environmental stress and visible damage


Rosa canina seed oil – 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

2 reviews for Rosehip Seed Oil

  1. Paige

    I tried a lot of rosehip oils, but this one is helping with my dry eczema skin; thank you. 🙌

  2. Michelle Farmer

    I wanted to post a review to say I have been using this along with Fortify and have seen wonderful results, what a blessing. Thank you for all your advice and integrity around ingredients it’s clearly paying off.

    • Samantha Miller

      Michelle we are so glad you are getting results, we know you have been on a journey but now finally getting the skin healing you require.

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