Healthy, beautiful skin for life

Created by Samantha, a skin health expert and esthetician with over 30 years of experience working directly with the skin.

The Naked Chemist skincare range is a problem-solving skincare range designed to tackle the myriad of real skin conditions many of our valued clients encounter.

Our Mission


This we do through our four pillars:

  1. To provide real value for our customers through expert-level education and to share this through our free resources, such as ebooks, PDFs, and videos.
  2. To provide science-backed, clinically proven, cruelty-free products
  3. To become the world’s most efficacious and sustainable wild, crafted, green beauty brand, leading the industry into a cleaner, safer, earth-conscious future
  4. To share insights drawn from our industry know-how and real-world practices so our customers can navigate through the misinformation and break down the barriers within the personal care industry.

Transforming the landscape of the skincare industry by positively changing your skin and making the pursuit of healthy skin an achievable reality for all.

Our philosophy

Everything you use on your skin matters

Our connection to nature, skin science and sustainability is at the core of our philosophy.

That means making informed choices about environmental and sustainable responsibility. A good place to start is with our skincare routines, to use products that are kind to ourselves and our environment.

Our unique skin science and botanical chemistry expertise enables us to create authentic cruelty-free skincare that delivers visibly proven results for every skin type and concern.

Your skin fully recognises all the skin-identical ingredients and New Zealand plant actives in our products as the nutritional building blocks of its structure, greatly enhancing your skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself.

Our customised approach

We understand that in the pursuit of skin health, the one-size-fits-all approach is not in line with what our discerning client requires; after all, we are all metabolically different, and we want to inspire beautiful, healthy skin and celebrate your uniqueness by talking directly to your skin.

Our customised skin shots and (Dear Skin) kits have been carefully developed with expertise and precision to treat many of your skin challenges, putting you in control so you can give your skin what it needs exactly when it needs it.

Your goal may be to prevent premature ageing or target expression lines, crow’s feet, dull, uneven texture, sagging skin or dark spots.

Or it may be that your barrier function or acid mantle is impaired, causing sensitivity or extreme dryness, or you may need to calm down inflammation after a recent rosacea flare-up, or heal an eczema wound.

Or maybe breakouts, acne lesions, or damage from microneedling or laser is a genuine concern.

Our products have the solution; they have been carefully formulated to hyper-focus on all the factors at play, which are not the same with each skin condition.

By truly listening to your skin and using our customisable products and kits, you can follow its unique requests and recover your skin’s health and balance over time.

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