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Wood’s Lamp is a Super Cool Skin Analysis Tool

Wood's Lamp - A Cool Tool For The Skin

Updated 21 December 2020

Want to know how to deal with ager spots on your skin?

Clear up bothersome breakouts?

Or even sport your favourite celebrity’s glow?

While a good facial can jumpstart your skincare efforts, the awe-inspiring results are reserved for those who use technical tools.

The Woods lamp is a cool little tool that will help you see exactly what is going on under your skin.

What is a woods lamp?

The Wood’s Lamp – otherwise known as fluorescent spectroscopy, is a method that emits ultraviolet light to assess any skin conditions you may have.

It shines directly on the affected area, looking for any changes in colour or fluorescence.

A normal skin won’t show up any fluoresce under the light; if you have a fungal or bacterial infection or pigment disorder presenting, this will show – the particular diagnosis, will be based on the colour of fluorescence.

What conditions show up under the light?

A wood lamp can help you reveal a lot about your skin:

  • healthy skin shows as blue
  • hypo-pigmented areas look sharp white
  • dehydration shows as a light purple
  • spa pool folliculitis and wound infection fluoresces green
  • oily areas or comedones are shown as yellow, orange, or pink
  • sensitive, thin, and very dehydrated skin can show as purple
  • normal skin – rare to find, will show up as white or light blue
  • malassezia folliculitis—the hair follicles will look bluish-white
  • a thick, coarse stratum corneum can mean sun damage, which shows as white
  • layers of dead skin cells that require regular exfoliation can show as white spots
  • acne fluoresces as orange/red, due to the cutibacteria that resides in the hair follicles
  • the evenness of application of a salicylic acid-containing chemical peel  can also show up as green
  • pigmentation such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, have a clear border under the Wood light because the light is absorbed by increased melanin
  • pityriasis versicolor is a slightly scaly, persistent rash on chest and back caused by malassezia yeasts. When these skin conditions are active, the scale will emit a yellowish or orange glow
  • tinea capitis can create areas of scale and baldness, which is due to fungal infection. Fungal infection due to other organisms will not show, head lice and scabies will however


As skincare specialists, we can ascertain a lot more information out of the consultation process when we use a tool like a Woods lamp; skin conditions that would not be possible with the naked eye; which ultimately helps us design a better skincare program for our clients.

Before your treatment, avoid washing the area to be tested and avoid using any makeup, perfume, or deodorant on the area that will be checked. The ingredients in some skin care products can also cause your skin to change colour under the light, so we recommend keeping your skin clean and don’t apply any skin creams onto your skin before treatment.

Gentle facial skin cleansing may be required, just before your skin is assessed. The examination is simple and does not take a long time, your dermatologist or skin care specialist will darken the room and hold the Wood’s lamp a few inches away from your skin to examine it under the light. The examination is painless and safe.

So, next time you book a facial treatment, why not check to see whether they have a diagnostic tool such as a Wood’s lamp, to help you get the best results from your treatment and healthy, glowing skin.

If your keen to delve even deeper under your skin, this article is really cool, the project was named”how the sun sees you”, and it looks at pigmentation caused by damaging UV rays.

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    Can you recommend a high quality professional Wood’s lamp. Then on- line retailers have price points from $29.99 up to several hundred dollars>

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