Why Detox is Important if you want Clear Skin

It’s hard not to be lured by the promises of a detox.

The lure of undoing the toxic overload we inflict on ourselves every day is very appealing.

Interestingly our body is designed to be able to detox itself naturally, but the problem is environmental pollutants, unhealthy processed foods, and sedentary lifestyles can cause toxins to build up in the body’s cells, which robs our body of its vital nutrients.

Our body then buckles under the strain and finds it difficult to dispose of environmental toxins and metabolic waste. These toxins then become stored in our tissues, encouraging degenerative disease and premature ageing.

The signs of toxic strain present themselves in the form of chronic fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, body aches, muscle aches, allergies and more.

Among the things commonly considered toxic are; cigarette smoke, steroid hormones, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, environmental pollutants, high protein diets – the list is endless.

By sticking only to foods that are considered pure and unadulterated for a set period of time, and avoiding things that put a strain on your internal organs, detox advocates claim, that you can purge your body of toxins, and reverse much of the damage done, and hopefully shed a few pounds in the process.

The detox diet

This is perfect for achieving clear skin, it is based on regular hydration and eating fresh whole foods which are mostly eaten in their raw state.

Cleanses vary in length and prescription, but as a rule of thumb, their methods are pretty similar.

Typically, you need to strip back your diet this involves drinking two litres or more of fluid a day to include; filtered water or herbal tea or vegetable juice.

Raw fruit and vegetables are essential for detoxification purposes, Raw foods hold remarkable properties including the ability to improve cellular function, in their raw uncooked state these foods have a quality of energy that is light but strong and is extraordinarily health-giving, they are the richest natural source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Want to learn more? The principles of a natural detox diet are worth a read, to get you on the road to healthy eating and clear skin.

What to avoid whilst detoxing

Without exception, processed foods, fish, meat, fish, dairy, alcohol, salt, sugar and coffee are out.

The list of substances not to be consumed can be taken even further, ruling out gluten, soy, the nightshade family, and shellfish.

The detox diet plan

Here at the Naked Chemist, we recommend the 10-day detox diet, to our clients who want to go on a healthy eating plan.

It’s not a severe detox, but a lovely gentle way to bring your body back into balance, whilst flushing the kidneys of the build-up of toxins that accumulate over the years.

Fine quality proteins, easily assimilated natural carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and unadulterated natural fibre are all part of the plan. Certain types of fibre found in fruit and vegetables are beneficial for the detox cleanse, they help rid the body from poisonous wastes, such as heavy metals and aluminium.

The naked truth

Whilst our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally, if you’re not eating a healthy, well-balanced diet it will show in your skin over time, through congestion, breakouts, excess oiliness and inflammation.

By following our diet plan, your body is able to rid itself of toxic materials which have formed in various parts of the body, this it does by cleansing the digestive system and restoring a good alkaline/acid balance, thus helping to promote well being, cure illness and rejuvenate the body, encouraging natural weight loss, whilst improving athletic performance, generally restoring the body back to a state of natural beauty.

This is a great pdf of Dr Hyamns blood sugar 10-day detox diet that walks you through everything you need to know about the detox.


Why detox?


The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman (2014): Food list

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