Want Great Looking Skin, then follow my healthy food guide

Why, when we go on a quick weight loss diet, do we rarely get the desired result we are looking for.

The simple explanation is that your body doesn’t run on calories, it runs on glucose, which it requires for fuel.

Glucose is released from food and carried by our blood cells to the body’s cells, which is why it is also called blood sugar.

Our Primary Source of Energy

The energy that keeps our body functioning correctly and gives us the energy for living comes from carbohydrates, starches, fats and sugar.

When you eat more of these foods than you need, your body produces more glucose than is required, which is then stored as fat.

The key to a good weight loss diet is to follow a healthy food guide.

This is a program of healthy eating, that naturally reduces glucose levels and burns off unwanted fat.

This can be achieved by including mainly natural foods in your diet, these foods help to….

  • Release glucose into the blood stream slowly
  • Keep your blood sugar stable
  • Prevent energy slumps, that trigger your food cravings

Let’s take a look at some foods that should be in a healthy food guide and how they affect the body.

Healthy Food guide


There is a lot that could be written about good bread,

They have fewer additives, use coarsely ground flour, and in the case of sourdough have no yeast.

Sadly today, most bread is made from refined flour and devoid of all nutrients.

Bread is especially problematic because its carbohydrates break down into simple sugars,

It is also calorific and can make you put on weight, so it should be kept to a minimum.

Rather than eating bread, it is best to opt for oatcakes or on the odd occasion, a slice of sourdough rye bread.


Herbal tea and water: These are the drinks that will help with weight loss, especially green tea.

Water: As the body is made up of 90% water water its not wonder that it has so many health benefits. Our body is made up of 90% water

Caffeine drinks: These play havoc with blood sugar and energy levels, although caffeine is not a carbohydrate it can restrict weight loss.

Caffeine stimulates the pancreas to secrete a small amount of insulin, particularly in those prone to hyperinsulinism, which is why caffeine should be limited.

If you happen to be a big tea or coffee drinker especially first thing in the morning, it is almost certainly because you need a stimulant to wake you up.

If you tend to lose energy throughout the day, this could be due to the fact that your blood sugar levels are low and you are suffering from the effects of hypoglycemia, in which case, if you can’t give up coffee, opt for decaffeinated coffee instead.

Interestingly though, coffee like the Europeans make it is not as dangerous as you may think! This is due to the high pressure of steam that causes the coffee to release its flavor in its concentrated form, without releasing to much caffeine.

Soft drinks: These are based on synthetic fruit and plant extracts and have two major flaws; they contain too much sugar and cause blood sugar levels to rocket.

The worst offenders are cola drink.

Even when fizzy drinks are made from natural extracts you need to be careful, because they can be toxic, with significant traces of toxins such as terpenes found in extracts of citrus fruit.

Alcohol: The effect alcohol has on the blood stream is similar to sugars, so if you want to lose weight fast it should initially be cut back or completely avoided for the first month.

After this time it is okay to drink in moderation in the form of a small glass of wine, beer or shot of spirit a couple of times a week.

Beer drinks should be avoided during a diet, as they have a high carbohydrate content, double that of red wine and nearly eight times more than white wine.

Alcohol, tea and coffee: The bottom line is that these are all socially accepted drugs, which have an antidepressant effect on the body.

When we are young we are able to eliminate these toxins easily, as we get older, the effects accumulate in fat stores, this causes toxins to hang around, that are difficult to eliminate.


In its natural form fiber helps balance blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and binds too estrogen, so the body can excrete it more efficiently.

The presence of fiber in your diet is essential, as it binds to water and increases the bulk of stools.

This helps to prevent putrefaction and fermentation of toxic waste, helping to speed up the passage of food through your digestive system.

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