Who doesn’t love coconut oil?

With its heady scented fragrance and luxurious texture, that melts into the skin on contact.

Coconuts come from the palm tree and are widely cultivated in Malaysia, West Indies and Indonesia.

The oil is extracted from the kernels of the Coconut, which can be purchased as either an oil or butter.

Because coconut oil is mostly a saturated fat, the oil is very stable, so it has a really long shelf life.


The benefits of coconut oil are numerous; it has great skin softening and film forming properties.

This is why it is often used in skin care products that form protective barriers, such as lip gloss.

  • The central cavity inside the coconut seed is full of water, which creates a lovely bacteria free, sterile drink. The antibacterial agents include lauric acid, caprylic acid and cholic acid
  • It is anti-bacterial, helping to fight infections
  • It is a really healing addition to use in a formula for someone who is suffering from inflamed breakouts, although I never recommend using it neat, as it can block the follicular wall
  • The oil is full of nourishing skin loving anti-oxidants, which comes from ferulic acid and caffeine acid. These acids help to keep damaging free radicals at bay, which can cause destruction on the skin
  • Coconut Oil also has a number of uses on the hair, it helps to stimulate hair growth and creates a film around the hair shaft, adding moisture to dry and brittle hair, follow the link to read more on the wonderful uses of Coconut oil for the hair
  • In some countries the pulp is used as a tonic and balm for devitalized hair that lacks luster.

There really are so many benefits of coconut oil, almost to many to mention here.


Because of the demand, there are many forms of coconut oil available on the market, and it is fair to say, that it is viewed as a highly industrialised ingredient within the skincare industry.

Chemical sounding names such as lauryl sulphate are hidden behind clever marketing terms, such as natural coconut derived.

I only source organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil, this you will recognize by it’s lovely natural heady fragrance, it is literally like a sweet, freshly cracked coconut.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this oil, make sure the virgin oil is solid and white or clear with a yellow undertone.

Don’t make the mistake, of confusing this wonderful natural butter, for fractionated, thin, or light coconut oil, which is a highly refined processed material, that is devoid of any skin loving properties.

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