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Resting Bitch Face Actually Exists

Research has found that our facial expressions involuntarily reflect our emotions, they can intensify or [...]

Activate clinical powder to paste range

Introducing Activate for oily skin.  The professional powder to paste customisable mask,  For you to [...]


Dangers of an Over-Exfoliated Skin

Are you being over-zealous with your skin care routine? Over-exfoliated skin can cause a whole [...]

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Best Exfoliating Products For Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy skin takes work. And correct exfoliation is the cornerstone of good skincare. But [...]


How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

It’s a fact; eye bags can get you down. They are almost impossible to treat, [...]

What is a Brand? Effectively Marketing Your Business

What is a brand? What do you do, and why do you do it? These [...]


Planning a Marketing Strategy: Advice From Big Fish

Branding is an incredibly powerful tool. Today, in such a competitive environment, your business is [...]

Creating Your Website

With these simple internet business marketing tips, you will find that you can create and [...]

Personal branding and values (TheNakedChemist)

Five core values are at the heart of our brand. Quality: We are committed to using [...]


Common myths relating to lotion making

A lot is involved when it comes to making your own products. We wanted to [...]