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The 10 Expert Tips That Cured my Perioral Dermatitis

Have you ever felt like you’ve exhausted every possible treatment for perioral dermatitis without success?

Then, this article is tailor-made for you.

This is our client’s firsthand account of how she successfully healed her perioral dermatitis.

That offers insights, tips, and encouragement.

My perioral dermatitis journey

The rash began as a red, itchy rash around my mouth, which quickly progressed to dry and flaky skin.

After my doctor’s diagnosis, I discovered that conventional dermatology often relies on oral antibiotics and antibiotic creams to treat perioral dermatitis.

However, I was hesitant to resort to antibiotics and decided to explore alternative healing methods, which I’ve documented in detail here.

This article is for you if you’ve exhausted traditional dermatological treatments and are interested in a more holistic approach.

I share the strategies that played a crucial role in my recovery. You can also read more here.

My treatments for perioral dermatitis 

  1. Avoiding Sulphates: I became a diligent label reader and learned to steer clear of products containing sulphates, especially Sodium Laureth/Lauryl sulfate, commonly found in body gels, soaps, detergents, and shampoos. These surfactants can trigger perioral dermatitis. Switching to sulphate-free personal care products made a big difference.
  2. Fluoride-free Toothpaste and Water: I discovered that fluoride in my toothpaste inflamed the skin around my mouth. I transitioned to a fluoride-free, powder-based toothpaste that offered gentler care for my gums.
  3. Supporting Liver Health: Perioral dermatitis is connected to an overburdened liver. The liver eliminates excess hormones, antibodies, and toxins, and inflammation can occur under stress. Giving my liver a break positively influenced my gut health.
  4. Incorporating Probiotics: Perioral dermatitis and gut bacteria imbalances, especially after broad-spectrum antibiotics, are closely related. Probiotic supplements became a crucial part of my daily routine. For personalised guidance, I recommend consulting a qualified nutritionist.
  5. Restoring Barrier Function: My inflamed skin was also caused by a compromised barrier function. The team at The Naked Chemist explained that a weakened barrier allows external stressors and irritants to penetrate, perpetuating skin reactivity. Healing my barrier function helped to heal my skin and calm the inflammation.
  6. Eliminating Harsh Ingredients: Recent studies have connected perioral dermatitis with harsh ingredients, such as synthetic preservatives and irritating fragrances. These substances compromise the protective barrier, disrupt the skin’s pH, and disrupt the delicate microbiome. To minimise the risk, I opted for skincare products without fragrances or essential oils free from harsh actives like vitamin C, exfoliants, alcohol, and chemical peels.
  7. Minimal Makeup: Keeping my makeup to a minimum helped alleviate my perioral dermatitis, particularly around my eyelids.
  8. Stress Management: I realised stress’s profound impact on my skin as I navigated a particularly challenging period in my life. Excessive stress can trigger the release of hormones that significantly influence skin health. So, stress management became a crucial component of my skin healing journey.
  9. The Gut-Skin Connection: There is a link between the digestive tract and skin health. Consulting a nutritionist who is well-versed in this connection helped.
  10. Embracing an Alkaline Diet: My nutritionist explained that adhering to a vegetarian, alkaline diet can significantly reduce inflammation. ,

Simplifying my skincare routine

This played a crucial role in my skin’s recovery during my battle with perioral dermatitis.

Each product I used required thorough consideration due to the sensitivity of my skin, which would often react with a burning sensation and sometimes even crusting and blistering.

Samantha from The Naked Chemist offered invaluable support, advising me to steer clear of cream-based products that often contained emulsifiers, a known trigger for perioral dermatitis. I also avoided exfoliants or any products with abrasive components to prevent micro-tears in my skin.

Here’s a glimpse of the simple skincare routine that I followed during this phase:

  1. I gently cleansed my skin twice daily using miracle cleanse
  2. After cleansing, I applied an “H2O hydrating skin shot” and allowed it to absorb into my skin. This product helped maintain skin plumpness and hydration while reducing inflammation.
  3. I avoided emulsifiers and occlusive ingredients. I found “clarify gel ” healing particularly effective for my perioral dermatitis flare-ups.
  4. I followed this routine for 4 to 6 weeks and noticed positive changes.
  5. At the 8-week mark, I consulted with a naturopath to address the internal aspects of healing my gut and transitioning to the subsequent recovery phase.
  6. As my skin gradually improved and the rashes diminished, I introduced Fortify barrier repair cream to enhance my skin’s barrier function.
  7. During this time, I refrained from using any other products on my skin, as it’s advisable to keep the treatment for perioral dermatitis as minimal as possible.

This streamlined approach allowed my skin to heal and recover more effectively.

What I learnt

I hope my skin healing journey motivates you to care for your skin differently if you have been diagnosed with this condition.

Perioral dermatitis has a complex set of underlying causes, which can vary from person to person.

One person experiences a persistent rash that might be linked to topical steroid withdrawal or fungal infection, while another may be dealing with gut dysbiosis or an overburdened liver.

Healing my skin took time and dedication. The frustration, embarrassment, and despair that often come with perioral dermatitis are entirely understandable, but hope exists.

Patience is really essential to the healing process, as the skin’s inflammatory responses can extend the healing time.

I recommend sticking to your treatment for at least six to eight weeks, which is how long it took me to see results and seeking guidance from a reputable nutritionist or naturopath to support your internal healing.

I found that my beliefs and self-perception have a powerful influence on your health and the state of your skin.

Regardless of your skin condition, I found it helped me to remind myself of the numerous reasons for gratitude in my life. Learning to love and accept myself was a significant part of my skin-healing journey.

To conclude. The naked truth

As the founder of The Naked Chemist and with over 30 years of experience working directly with the skin, I understand the challenges and frustrations of treating conditions like perioral dermatitis.

That’s why I’m delighted to share our client’s case study with you. I hope her healing journey will offer you comfort and reassurance, knowing you’re not alone in facing this condition.

Through her experience and our expertise, which we have written more on in our free ebook, I hope to provide valuable insights and solutions to help you navigate and overcome the hurdles of perioral dermatitis and reclaim control over your skin health.

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