Bothersome forehead wrinkles.

They are an inevitable part of the ageing process.

For most of us by the time we hit our mid forties, they become very apparent, gathering in furrows.

But why is our forehead, so susceptible to showing early signs of ageing?

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles

  • Repetitive frowning
  • Raising the eyebrows
  • Squinting the eyes
  • The natural ageing process

These exaggerated facial movements lead to expression lines, and furrows between our brows.

I have another theory as to why we are prone to forehead wrinkles, that is we are often guilty of neglecting this area of our face.

We simply don’t pay enough attention to our foreheads.

We prefer to pass on the moisturiser and sun protection in this area, because we want to avoid getting our hair greasy.

But it is really important, that we let our face wake up, to all the beautifying benefits of our skin care routine and not just half of it, especially if you want to ward off the visible signs of ageing.

Prevention is always going to be better than a cure.

Top Tips for Forehead Wrinkles

Use a daily moisturiser that contains active ingredients, one that will help to boost the water levels in your skin, keeping it well hydrated.

Invest in some of the latest innovative cosmeceuticals, specialised formulas like A+ Retinol sleep complex, which contains anti ageing Vitamin A and antioxidants, that help to speed up cellular processes and repair skin cells.

Opt for creams that contain liposomes, tiny potent spheres full of skin loving ingredients that are wrapped in a shell like structure, which help the ingredients in the formula to remain stable for longer.

Once applied on the skin, the shells begin to break down as they are absorbed into the upper layers, where they release their ingredients.

The Naked Chemist range of products contain liposomes, fortify barrier repair cream is a great example of such a moisturiserer, that uses this encapsulation technology, to deliver penetrative healing deep within the tissues.

Protect Your Skin
Environmental toxins and invisible pollutants, are now thought to be one of the biggest causes of premature ageing.

I specifically formulated Ace antioxidant complex to combat the damaging free radicals, that cause a cycle of destruction on the skin.

Repairing and protecting your skin from this oxidative damage, caused by environmental stresses we encounter on a daily basis..

Exfoliate Regularly
Gentle exfoliation encourages natural cellular turnover, which slows down as we age.

  • Boosts cellular turnover
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Restores skin back to a youthful glow
  • Encourages hydration in the outer layers of skin
  • Increases the flow of blood to the top layers of the skin, thus improving circulation

Cut out Cigarettes
If you smoke it is really important to try to stop, especially if you are concerned about the health of your skin.

Cigarette smoke strips your skin of oxygen, and it slows down the rate at which new cells regenerate, thus making your skin dull and sallow.

Lines and wrinkles appear sue to a lack of oxygen, as skin starts to dry out.

Stop Stress in its tracks
Stress is one of the least talked about causes of ageing, however research shows it is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing.

Chronic unrelenting stress, the type that always stays with you, can cause deep furrows and lines on the face especially the forehead.

Dealing with anxiety and stress effectively, and taking time out of your busy schedule to introduce relaxation and meditation techniques are important, especially when it comes to staving off premature ageing.

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