Tips on How to Get the Label Right for Your Skincare Products

Creating labels so that they stand out from the rest.

This can seem like an overwhelming task.

A lot of time and research goes into creating the right label.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Know your market: Are you selling locally, high-end stores, or maybe you want to create a professional range for spas. This will ultimately determine the label and packaging and how much you want to spend.
  • Colour Scheme: One thing we have found when it comes to labels is to not over complicate things, keep it simple and use only two to three colours, as this will help to keep costs down
  • Ingredient List: It is easy to get carried away with your label’s design and logo, but you must remember to include the ingredient list on the back and batch number. You will also want to have an area for your company name and address.
  • Names: Selecting the right names is really important, something appealing, sexy, not bland, one that appeals to the age group you are targeting, that lures them or intrigues them enough to take the product off the shelf in the first place
  • Regulations: If you are thinking of going commercial, you need to be aware that there are many regulations to think about when creating a label, which differs depending on the country you live in. So you must do your research well. For example, the FDA imposes several technicalities around how you class your product and the kind of wording you use so that you can distinguish it between a drug and cosmetics. Failing to comply with the law could cause you a hefty fine! if you do live in the USA, the article about FDA Approval and labelling your products and cosmetics, you may find useful
  • Brand: Before you think about your label’s design, it is essential to think about your brand, as you want to use a design theme that fits in with your logo and the overall concept of your brand. Try to get creative with your brand and inject a bit of personality into it, so that your skincare product is something that potential customers will be able to connect with. this is something we discuss in greater detail in the article creating your brand identity
  • Logo: As part of your branding, think about your logo. All the major commercial companies have one, think Body Shop, lush, something that your customer will identify your skincare range with
  • Font type: This is something important to consider. Imagine an article you read in a magazine, one where the words seemed to jump out at you off the page, an article that held your interest, so that you remembered it. There is no reason why your logo should be any different! Make it enticing and memorable! For instance, if your target market is young, then think about creating fun and creative, which speaks to them personally. If it is a man’s range, maybe you want something bold and masculine. Alternatively, your products may appeal to a more mature, sophisticated audience, so you should go with a more upscale image. In this case, think about creating a font type that has a classic appeal.
  • Research: Finally, don’t forget to do some market research, take the time to look at other competitor labels, what appeals to you, what don’t you like! Take notes and then design your label based on those assessments. Once you are happy with your choice to create a couple of different label designs and ask family and friends to critique them for you, after all, it is some of these people who will probably become your best customers in the future.



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