Tips on how to Exfoliate Your Skin

Want to know how to get the glow?

By removing stubborn flaky skin cells that adhere to the surface of your skin.

The good news is, you can restore your skin back to a youthful healthy glow in no time at all.

Through gently rubbing and slouching, you can help to bring a dull, lifeless complexion back to life.

Because remember, over exfoliation could chronically age the skin.

Whilst there are three types of exfoliating treatments to choose from:

  • Manual exfoliation
  • Chemical peel exfoliation
  • Mechanical exfoliation

Manual exfoliation is my preferred method of exfoliation..

This will gently stimulates your skin, bringing nutrients to the surface and encouraging the cellular renewal process, without speeding up the ageing process.

So knowing how to manually exfoliate your skin correctly, with the right modality is key, if you want to avoid excessive exfoliation.

How to Exfoliate

So let’s get down to business:

  • First wet your face with luke warm water
  • Then dispense a small amount of product onto your finger tips
  • Spread it over the whole of your face, neck and décolleté
  • gently massage, avoiding sensitive areas, focusing instead on stubborn skin cells and blockages
  • Next, thoroughly flush your face with water
  • Finally pat dry your skin with a towel, being careful not to overstimulate the skin by rubbing

Again you don’t have to overdo exfoliation, there is no hard and fast guide.

I’m all about customisation, so only carry out exfoliation when you feel your skin requires a boost, or has lost its youthful glow.


If you have highly reactive sensitive skin, I recommend avoiding any form of exfoliation.

That is until you have repaired your skin’s barrier function, and restored your skins acid mantle.

Gommage products are super gentle exfoliants, they are cream based that don’t contain any scrubby bits.

They are usually formulated with enzymes, they gently dissolve dead skin cells.

Once dry you can gently roll the gommage off the skin, as it is removed it picks up the skins outermost layers,

The perfect, gentle exfoliating treatment for a sensitised skin.


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