Dry Skin

10 Dry Skin Treatment Tips to Take Skin From Rough to Smooth

If you suffer from sensitive or lacklustre skin, there are things to consider.

But with dry skin, as in life, there are no miracle fixes.

Well, none that doesn’t also require a slight lifestyle change.

Luckily, it’s not all bad news; there is a solution.

These are our non-negotiable dry skin treatment tips.

Tips for Treating Your Dry Skin

1. Avoid Hot Baths, or Showers

Extreme temperatures will upset your skin’s natural lipids.

This oil loss can make your dry skin worse as it over-compensates by stripping your skin.

2. Cleansing is Essential 

Opt for a gentle cleanser like Miracle cleanse.

It contains lovely fatty acids, antioxidants, phospholipids and wildcrafted cruelty-free ingredients.

3. Don’t Forget to Spritz 

Moist skin equals better absorption; it absorbs topicals much more effectively when your skin is damp.

So don’t be tempted to skip this vital part of your routine.

4. Use a Water-rich Formula

Your skin is the last organ to receive water, so internally rehydrating it will not keep it plump and moist.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all the other organs, like your kidneys, will utilise the water first.

For this reason, we recommend topically replenishing your skin with Quench hydrating gel, giving your skin that plump, youthful glow.

Humectants draw water from the atmosphere and the deeper layers of your skin; like a moisture magnet, they attract moisture, locking it in the top layers and helping to regulate and balance your skin.

5. Avoid Fragrances

Avoid buying skincare products containing fragrances; they can inflame dry skin, especially if it is sensitised.

6. Layer Your Products.

Layering is essential when treating dry skin, so give your skin a double or triple whammy of nourishing, barrier-repairing goodness.

Because dry skin is tricky to treat, we have assembled an entire routine for you here.

7. Emollients for Moisturisation

Keep your skin well-lubricated with effective emollients, which help to reconstitute your skin’s hydro-lipid film.

They are nourishing and healing

8. Barrier Repairing Occlusives

Seal your dry skin with barrier-repairing occlusive products that will help form a protective layer over your skin.

These include ceramides, lipids and cholesterol, as this study (1) suggests.

9. Avoid Harsh Ingredients

Your dry skin is susceptible to contact irritants and alcohol-based ingredients.

They can easily knock your skin’s pH off balance and strip your acid mantle, the delicate microflora that keeps your skin healthy.

So select products containing lovely lipids like ceramides and nourishing fatty acids—barrier-repairing and healing lipids, like those found in the Naked Chemist formulas.

10. Gently Exfoliate

Never overstimulate your skin by continuously rubbing it; this can cause tiny micro-tears, disrupting your barrier function.

However, occasional, gentle exfoliation is recommended, which will help remove the dead skin cells that have adhered to your skin’s surface.

This study (2) evaluated 52 people with moderate to severely dry skin to determine how a cleanser and moisturiser used in a daily skincare routine impacted their skin health; it was found that it significantly improved the participant’s skin.

Your Dry Skin Routine

In the Morning

  1. Cleanse with a Miracle Cleanse, our oil-to-water cleanser that protects as it cleanses.
  2. Next, boost your hydration levels with H₂O Hydrating Complex, which has an ingredient list that reads like a drink for your skin. It will quickly become your secret weapon for treating dry skin.
  3. Once H₂O has been absorbed, layer with Fortify, formulated with the exact amount of lipids, helping to heal a dry, parched skin type.

Each Night

  1. Wash with Miracle Cleanse.
  2. Follow up with a hydrating H₂O serum or layer with Quench.
  3. Seal in all that lovely humectant goodness with your moisturiser.
  4. If your skin feels super dry, skip this step and layer with a gorgeous Xcell skin shot instead.
  5. For an additional boost, use Barrier Repair Balm as a night mask; upon waking, your skin will be dewy and moisturised.

In Addition

  1. Scale up your routine and include A+ Retinoid skin shot. This will help retexturise your skin and is the ultimate weapon against ageing.
  2. Alternate with a C+ skin shot, which encourages cellular turnover, lightens and brightens dull, depleted skin, and helps restore that youthful glow.

To conclude. The naked truth

As you can see, dry skin is not straightforward to treat.

There are many variables to consider, from the ingredients you use and how you cleanse to the ingredients in your moisturise.

Be careful not to over-exfoliate; this can cause tiny micro-tears in your skin and upset your barrier function.

Now that you are equipped with these dry skin treatment tips, you can expand your knowledge base by reading our resource on dry skin.


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  • Study: Consistent Skin Care Helps Dry Skin.

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