Quit the cream if you’re treating under eye bags?

I feel like I should apologise. because despite what clever skincare marketing claims try to make you believe, there is no quick fix.

If you really want to know, how to treat what’s going on south of your lashes and get the FULL SCOOP on how to get rid of UNDER EYE BAG.

Because understanding the CAUSES and BAD HABITS you need to QUIT, is the first step in PREVENTION.

Causes of bags under eyes

Sleep: It’s true, it can be hard to distract from tired looking eyes no matter what you do; puffiness and dark shadows just seem to stick around, especially when we wake up. This is because the area under the eyes retains fluid, which accumulates under the eyes during the night, resulting in the area becoming puffy.
The Answer: Sleeping with your head slightly elevated, will prevent fluid collecting in tissue around your eyes.

Fat Pads: Because the skin is so thin around the eyes, excess fat deposits can create a bulging effect. Basically the ligaments that support fat pads under your eyes weaken, this causes fat to slip and bulge forward, creating the appearance of under eye bags.
The Answer: The only really way to reduce these is through cosmetic procedures, which I discuss below.

Wear and Tear: If you’re serious about knowing how to get rid of bags under eyes, then you should know that years of rubbing, removing makeup and wiping can make inflammation worseWhen the skin stretches, the contours around our eyes drop, they becomes loose and the pouch of fat under our eyes starts to balloon.
The Answer:  Be conscious of using harsh products and opt for fragrance free makeup remover. Avoid touching and pulling the delicate skin around this area.

Lifestyle: Alcohol, smoking and high salt intake, can cause water retention around your eyes.
The Answer: Think about leading a healthier lifestyle, stop smoking, minimise your sodium intake, get adequate sleep and reduce alcohol consumption. Eating anti inflammatory foods rich in omega fatty acids, will help to keep your skin nice and supple.

Sun Damage: This is possibly the most ageing problem around the eyes, where the skin is thinner than anywhere else on the face. UV rays break down our internal scaffolding collagen and elastin, which leads to fluid accumulating in the area.
The Answer: Wear good shades and a use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.

Medical condition: Sinus congestion, a sluggish lymphatic system, kidney problems, liver or thyroid disease, can all lead to bags under the eyes.
The Answer: Each of these problems need to be addressed individually, so ideally you need to seek medical attention to get to the route of the problem.

Does hemmorhoid cream help?

Well yes and no.

Put it this way, if it is immediate results you want then yes.

The ingredient in hemorrhoid creams is benzocaine, an active ingredient that causes blood vessels to contract which reduces puffiness.

As an aesthetician I personally think hemorrhoid cream is to dehydrating, so whilst you may be temporarily shrinking your eye bags, long term you are causing more fine lines and irritation.

I have also found that many people develop an allergy to benzocaine, which can make eye problems worse.

How to get rid of bags under eyes

I get asked this question a lot by my clients.

But there really is no quick fix, when it comes to knowing how to get rid of bags under eyes

This condition is ultimately correctable only through eye lift surgery known as blepharoplasty, which removes fat pads in the lower lid.

During treatment the surgeon will cut below the lashes in the eye’s natural crease, where the excess fat, muscle and sagging skin is either redistributed or completely removed.

The procedure is fairly straight forward and usually done as an outpatient procedure.

If you are looking for a multi purpose eye care product, ageless eye duo is the perfect choice, formulated as a ‘3 in 1’ to treat a number of conditions around your delicate eyes.

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