Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin
It’s about accepting and knowing who you are

Ladies if its complexion perfection you’re after, then you have come to the right place.

Here at the Naked Chemist, we believe that a clear skin starts with good nutrition, because lifestyle and diet are inextricably linked to the health of your skin.

Skin isn’t one dimensional and shouldn’t be treated as such, in our practise, whether we are recommending professional skincare or carrying out a facial treatment, we don’t feel that we would be doing our clients justice unless we carry out a consultation first.

Our consultations are extremely thorough, we take an in depth view of all aspects of our client lifestyle, including diet.

Surely we should be extolling the beauty virtues of our very own skincare range, but our motto is all about transparency in beauty, for us it’s all about real skin and real people…

So were going against the grain on this subject, because we really do care, unlike many skin care companies, who use clever marketing to fool consumers into believing, their skin care range is a miracle cure in a jar!

Ok rant over I apologise it’s not my usual style, but I like to believe that people are more educated, than many skincare companies that try to lead them to believe

People actually do realise that on a very cellular level, we are all metabolically different, and the reality is that no amount of skin care products you use, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference, unless you are looking after yourself internally and eating a well-balanced diet,

In my 20 years of experiences of looking after people’s skin, I now realise that if you are not eating healthily and nourishing your skin from the inside out, Complexion perfection is going to be difficult to achieve.

 Yes, that’s right! The foods you eat, are just as important as the products you use on your skin.

Natural healthy ingredients found in food will help with a number of benefits, from speeding up the pace of exfoliation, to protecting your skin from the kind of UV damage that causes brown spots and wrinkles to appear.

So what’s our recipe for success that is going to help you achieve complexion perfection?

  • Nourishing whole foods
  • A daily selection of super foods
  •  A diet rich in healthy fats
  • The right type of protein
  • A variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Hydrate, hydrate , hydrate with lots of lovely water

All of which are going to feed your skin in many beautiful ways, so why not join us, on our clear skin healthy eating plan.

With love the Naked Chemist.

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