The Best Natural Shampoo Ingredients

The Best Natural Shampoo Ingredients

There is a lot of controversy around chemicals in shampoos.

Clever marketing can be misleading, by adding a few ingredients; the word “natural” or “organic” can be used.

Unfortunately, in many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only way you can be assured you really are using what is stated on the bottle is to become your own label detective.

Or turn your hand at creating your own formulas.

Best natural shampoo ingredients

Below is a list of some of the best natural shampoo ingredients, that really do get great results:

Aloe vera

After towel drying your hair, Aloe vera can be rubbed into the ends; it is an extremely moisturising ingredient that works well as a natural, mild hair gel. It combs out easily, leaving your hair shaft smooth, without any residue build-up, revealing shiny, luscious locks.

Apple cider vinegar

This is an excellent ingredient for using a natural hair rinse, helping remove the build-up of shampoo from your hair shaft. It is suitable for all hair types and is also one of the best natural ingredients for detoxifying your hair.

Coconut oil

A remarkable oil that has a real affinity with your hair. Coconut oil penetrates deep down into the hair shaft, and the really great thing, it won’t build up on your hair, leaving it soft and moisturised.


Lecithin is the natural fatty acid found in eggs; it contains phospholipids thought to be one of the best natural shampoo ingredients for conditioning your hair, perfect for treating dry, frizzy locks.

Today, most commercial products use lecithin. This ingredient we use in many of our products, such as fortifying barrier repair, replenishes your skin. Eggs also help with the emulsification process, as they bind oil and water together. For best results, mix the yolk with a little olive oil and warm water; this allows the yolk to penetrate your cuticle, leave for ten minutes, then rinse for a well-conditioned, glossy result.

Lemon and rosemary rinse

You can source fresh organic herbs and citrus fruits locally, they make a beneficial cleansing rinse which will help restore the natural balance of oil and colour in your hair. Rosemary is a great herb for dark hair, and lemon helps lift blonde highlights, a subject we discuss in more detail in the article, “Natural hair colour ideas“.

Jojoba oil

This oil has valuable hair and scalp benefits. Jojoba oil, along with coconut oil is wonderful, that will rival any professional hair treatment. It is one of the best natural shampoo ingredients known as the “ultimate oil for hair”, helping to penetrate your scalp and hair shaft, loosening the build-up of stubborn cells and residue that many commercial products leave on the hair shaft over time.

Smear the oil on your hair from root to tip, cover in a towel and leave for an hour – or better still, leave on your hair as an overnight treatment. In the morning, wash out with shampoo to unveil blindingly glossy locks.

For further reading, here is a glossary of natural hair ingredients from holistic hair.