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The Best Face Moisturizer for Men

Metro, men, we can relate.

Seeing how lavishly groomed and indulgently kept you, gentlemen, are is lovely.

Yet, guys who look after their skin is not a new and emerging trend.

We get a lot of product-related messages from guys.

Especially around the best face moisturizer and their skincare routine.

So, if you want to handle your skincare like a pro, this guide is for you.

Best Face Moisturizer for Men

In this article, we will examine the best face moisturizers and explain why and when you should use them.

We will also examine all the benefits of adding a face moisturizer to your grooming routine so you can maintain that youthful glow for now and many years.

What Does a Men’s Face Moisturizer Do?

The primary function of any high-quality men’s face moisturizer is to hydrate the skin and protect the barrier function and delicate microflora that make up the acid mantle, keeping your skin healthy.

Face moisturizer will also help target signs of premature ageing, fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark spots and other age-related issues you may be concerned about.

If your skin is excessively oily, gel-based moisturizers can help stem the flow of oil and restore natural sebum (oil) levels, reducing the likelihood of breakouts or blackheads.

Additionally, the best face moisturizers help retain moisture levels in your skin and replenish any moisture loss due to exposure to external and environmental factors.

If you want to learn more about moisturizer and their role on your skin, follow the link.

If your skin is sensitive or irritated, which can often be due to regular shaving, then your products should be lightweight, barrier-repairing, hydrating, and non-greasy.

They should be intelligently formulated and contain a high percentage of skin-identical ingredients, such as ceramides and cholesterol, to help keep your skin healthy and balanced and your important protective barrier intact.

In formulating our Fortify barrier repair cream, we carefully considered the needs of men’s skin, selecting the exact ratio of lipids found in the skin to deliver optimal results.

Benefits of a Face Moisturizer

They treat dry skin

The best facial moisturizers help to restore dry skin and support normal dermal functions such as excretion, exfoliation, and elimination of oil and debris.

Look for moisturizers with ingredients rich in ceramides and fatty acids. These ingredients lock in moisture and help restore an impaired barrier, a common problem in many dry skin types.

Balance oil

If you have oily or combination skin, it is essential to use a gel-based moisturizer free from emulsifiers and oils that may clog your pores.

Our Clarify pH balancing gel can help rebalance your skin and prevent breakouts, leaving it smooth, matte, and shine-free.

Prevent breakouts

If breakouts or acne are a concern, the best face moisturizers contain vitamin A. Reset age delay cream can help balance and normalise oil levels in your skin.

Vitamin A decreases the activity of overactive sebaceous glands, making it the perfect choice for acne-prone skin. Layer our A+ retinol skin shot under Reset for an additional boost when considering your nighttime routine.

Preventing signs of ageing

Daily use of a facial moisturizer will help maintain youthful skin and slow down signs of premature ageing.

Introduce a Vitamin C-rich serum into your routine, such as our C+ skin shot that will help reverse signs of sun damage and dark spots, lightening and brightening your skin.

Minimise Pores

If enlarged pores are a concern, the best facial moisturizer for this concern is gel-based, preferably one containing salicylic acid. This beta hydroxy acid will help to encourage skin cell turnover, leaving your pores clear, less visible, and smooth.

The great thing about gel-based moisturisers is that they are usually humectant-rich, which is important if your pores are blocked or you have excessively oily skin. Insufficient moisture tends to slow cellular turnover, resulting in tired, dull-looking skin and blocked pores.

Don’t overwash your skin.

While many are guilty of overwashing their skin, using harsh foaming cleansers or face washes can dry out the skin.

However, this causes a vicious circle, exacerbating oil production, as this article discusses.

Instead, we recommend a lipid-rich replenishing oil cleanser, such as Miracle Cleanse, that gently cleanses your skin of impurities without disturbing the pH balance.

When Should You Use a Face Moisturizer

While daily use is recommended, it is essential to understand where the best face moisturizer fits within your skincare routine for the best results.

First, thoroughly cleanse your skin. After cleansing, pat dry your skin. Then, apply your face moisturizer while it’s slightly damp. This will help lock in moisture against your skin, ensuring optimal hydration.

Depending on your skin’s concern, you may want to apply a specific serum. Once it has sunk in, you can layer it with your chosen moisturizer.

Exfoliating twice a week will also help to slough away dead skin cells, unclog up pores and balance oil on your skin.

To conclude. The naked truth

Incorporating a face moisturizer into your grooming routines can help address several skin concerns, such as hydration, oil control, premature ageing, and pore minimisation, supporting your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Understanding your skin biology and how it differs from women’s is essential in ensuring you get the best from your moisturizer.

With differences in hormone levels, skin structure, and skin care needs compared to women, men require specialised products to address their unique concerns—a subject we discuss in detail here.

When choosing a moisturizer, you must consider your skin type and the conditions presented on your skin.

For instance, if your skin is oily or prone to breakouts or acne, opt for lightweight, fast-absorbing, gel-based formulas.

However, if you are more concerned with premature ageing, look for those enriched with antioxidants to combat environmental damage and promote skin repair.

If your skin is dry or sensitised, look for a formula containing skin-identical ingredients like ceramides or cholesterol to help repair your barrier function.

By tailoring your moisturizer to your unique needs, you can achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin and maintain your youthful appearance for now and years to come.

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