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The Best Face Moisturizer for Men

Metro men we can relate.

It’s a wonderful thing to see how lavishly groomed and indulgently kept the modern man is.

Men’s skincare is not just a new and emerging trend. Men are and have always been, just as interested in skincare and preserving their good looks as women.

Half the joy is, of course, the vocabulary – women’s skincare lulls you into lavender-laced indulgence. On the other hand, men are all super-charged,  penetrating, extra strength, and macho scrubbing.

But vocabulary aside, skin really is a science, especially when it comes to how men’s skin differs from women.

Fortunately, us good folks at the Naked Chemist have got you covered. We are going to help you decode, what skincare means for the well-appointed modern man.

Best Face Moisturizer for Men

Men versus women’s skin

When we are young, there is very little difference. Still, once you reach puberty, your sex hormones begin to produce different sexual characteristics, the male hormone testosterone starts to become active, which is when the real differences kick in.

Testosterone is responsible for producing active sebaceous glands; these glands will make your body hair and beards rough and thick.

If your struggling to get your head around this, male pattern baldness – excuse the pun – is a good example of male hormone activity.

The different characteristics

  • men’s skin tends to be more coarse, women’s skin contains more glycosaminoglycan’s, water binding chemicals found in the dermis responsible for holding water in the cells tissues. Ultimately they help to make the skin softer. Smoother
  • woman’s skin has more cushioning in the subcutaneous layer, which is related to the women’s hormone estrogen
  • men have more testosterone which in turn produces more oil through the sebaceous glands, so they tend to have more oily skin,
  • a woman’s skin is more likely to become dehydrated, and a lot more sensitive
  • men are more likely to stick with a small selection of products and undergo less intense treatments, which is why sensitivity is lower in men. Women love to use lots of products on their skin especially their face, overuse and poor treatments can lead to sensitivity and undermine the skin’s barrier function

The best face moisturizer for men

Because a man’s skin characteristically has more sebaceous glands, they require a product that is a lot less emollient. Therefore a gel-based moisturizer is always a good place to start.

Equilibrium balancing gel moisturizer, is perfect for men with a slightly oilier skin type, because of its lightweight texture and fluidity are easier to apply and non-greasy.

In saying that the best face moisturizer for men will come down to lifestyle, if you spend a lot of time in an office, where your skin is subjected to air conditioning or heating, then your skin may be on the drier side, therefore the best moisturizer maybe one similar in composition to Fortify barrier repair cream, that contains skin-replenishing goodness, mixed in among other unctuous high-pedigree ingredients.

Biolipid may also be described as the holy grail of the male beauty gods, with its golden orange antioxidant, scentless hue, a dose of which will kill free radicals and ward of premature ageing for many years to come.

Other recommended products

Exfoliants: Because male skin is generally thicker and coarser than woman’s, it requires regular exfoliation unless you suffer from breakouts and inflammation, in which case we suggest keeping it to a minimum. Some men’s moisturizers are formulated with tiny exfoliants such as bamboo, which gently slough away dead skin cells, revealing a youthful glow.

Don’t go hell for leather with ingredients like a walnut shell; their irregular abrasive grains will cause tiny micro-tears in the skin – upsetting the protective barrier function and ultimately the health of your skin.

Eye Cream: We always recommend considering an anti-ageing formula around the eyes, no matter what your age. An eye cream that has specifically been formulated with protective and active anti-ageing ingredients will help plump out delicate tissue and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Protective Ingredients: The best face moisturizer for a male skin that is dry, is one that contains occlusive ingredients, such as cocoa or shea butter, cholesterol and ceramides – helping to replenish important lipids in the skin. Ceramide barrier repair balm is a great example of this, carefully formulated with lots of occlusive ingredients to create a protective film on the skin.

Skincare tip: Avoid using skincare products that are loaded with alcohols, although these ingredients may appear to stop your skin from producing too much oil, this is only temporary, what is actually happening is that they are drying the skin, stripping it of its natural lipids causing the skin to go into overdrive, overproducing oil in a bid to replenish the lost oils.

Thus, it is advisable to look for natural products, that won’t damage the skins protective barrier and strip the skin of oil.

If you’re looking for more information on men’s skincare, this article on how to expertly build a mans skincare routine is a great place to start.


So as we can see, there is quite a lot of difference between men and women’s skin. Often because men have more testosterone, their skin tends to be oilier, so more balancing products are required.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a thorough skincare routine, but make sure you regularly exfoliate to encourage cellular turnover, introduce eye creams and anti-ageing formulas into your routine to ward off premature ageing, for now, and many years to come.

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