The Benefits of Wild Honey in Skin Care

You really can’t get much purer then wild honey.

Sourced directly from nature by honey bees, that forage on the Manuka tree for nectar, wild honey has many valuable properties in skin care,

This article look at how honey can help to repair your skin and restore it to health.



Antimicrobial: Honey prohibits the growth of certain bacteria.

It’s antimicrobial properties, is due to its enzymatic structure which releases Hydrogen Peroxide, a compound that retards the growth of bacteria.

Wild Honey also contains Gluconic Acid which behaves as a chelating agent; it binds together with metal agents, helping to keep skin care formulas free from microbes.

Antioxidant: One of the componenets of honey is Glucose Oxidase, which produces Hydrogen Peroxide, this actually works in a similar way to anti-oxidants, naturally helping to mop up free radicals

Honey also contains Polyphenol Ferulic Acid, which has amazing oxidising properties, helping to prevent premature ageing.

Balancing: The pH for honey falls between 3.5 and 6.0, making it fairly acidic.

Our skin is also naturally acidic, thus making honey a great inclusion for repairing the skin’s barrier function, you can read all about the pH of our skin here.

Humectant: Honey is often referred to as a humectant, which are considered valuable ingredients in skin care, due to their unique ability to draw water from the atmosphere.

Humectants literally attract moisture to the skins tissues, helping to keep our skin hydrated for longer locking moisture onto the skins surface.

Moisturising: Wild Honey naturally absorbs moisture from the air; it then locks this moisture in the skins tissues, helping to keep our skin soft and supple.

Wound healing: Honey really is nature’s antioxidant, and when it is applied topically on the skin it helps to reduce oxidative stress from free radicals. It heals damaged tissue and reverses some of the damage done by premature ageing.

With so many healing properties to be found in this amazing natural ingredient, it just makes sense that we include them in our formulas.

Which is why you will find it in Naturlene treatment balm, a unique balm to cream that is designed to deliver penetrating healing and repairing nourishment to cuts, burn, cracked heels and inflamed skin.

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Wild Honey in Skin Care

  1. Umeokwuaka Chinedu says:

    Honey is indeed good and I will like to be using it. But,is it true that, when one applies honey on his skin othe skin will look visibly fresher?

      • Noria says:

        I have very day chapped lips and I had positive results with active manuka honey (one with hydrogen peroxide) I switched to the non active one hearing that it is more stronger in healing etc, my lips swelled and started to crust and weep so I stopped using it, and may dilute it with something else, applying it neat can be indeed irritating to the skin as I experienced this is the only place I have read and know it to be true.

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