I worship Mother earth, she is my god
We are the seeds who can make choices
This privilege has been given to us
To preserve the future of our planet
                              Horst Rechelbacher

Oh to live in harmony with our true being.

How can we achieve this?

To reconnect with the natural beauty around us.

Research has found, this has a powerful mental and physical healing effect on our bodies.

Not so surprising when you think at a very basic level, we humans are still our Palaeolithic selves.

From simple hunter gathers, we have evolved to live in daily contact with nature.

So it seems only natural, that we make the transition and return to our roots.

Natural Beauty

In the face of so many natural disasters….

  • Changing weather patterns
  • Unstable economic climate
  • Dwindling resources

We are seeing a desire to get back to nature and all things natural.

A shift towards a socially conscious movement, thats focused on sustaining the environment.

However you choose to live your life, it is really important to bring your attention back to nature’s rhythms.

To allow an openness and receptivity to the powerful forces of nature, that underlies life on earth at every level.

It’s not easy to define natural beauty, with modern day technology progressing so fast.

What helps us to remain calm and centred and not get lost in all the noise is a return to nature, by doing so we have the ability to experience profound healing at every level of our existence.


Many years ago I came across the Aveda Rituals by Horst Rechelbecher.

This book had such a profound effect on me, it quite literally changed my world forever.

Horst understood the power of nature.

He connected people with his unwavering conviction, that caring for the world we live in even in the smallest capacity, has a deep and lasting impact on this planet.

He helped make green values the norm, not the exception!

His drive and passion helped to shape the organic, beauty global movement, encouraging many to live a more balanced life, not an easy thing to do in a chemical driven industry.

For me his enthusiasm for healthy living and inspiring vision to care for the planet and those around him, was infectious.

Practicing what he preached, after selling Aveda he went onto set up an organic farm which he turned into a retreat.

He used this as an example of how by using solar wind and geo thermal energy sources, organic ingredients could easily be grown for the purpose of cosmetics.

For me and I am sure for many others, his business legacy will live on.

Like a true immortal hero a sort of ‘virtual mentor’ that I don’t have to email or call, but who has a permanent residency in my mind, that helps rekindle my passion and drive when it falls to the wayside,

So I was so very deeply saddened to hear of his passing; the world has lost a true steward of the environment, he will be truly missed, especially before intelligent nutrients found it’s true potential.

If like me you have a virtual mentor from afar? If so, I’d love to hear how they inspire you.











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