Super Soothing Cream Cleanser

There are so many reasons why we think you should come up smelling of roses.

One way is with our super soothing cleanser.

It is an ideal all-round cleanser, for even the most ultra-delicate, stressed-out skin.

Why cleanse?

We believe calm skin starts with proper cleansing.

A good face cleanser can completely change the way your skin looks and feels.

It essentially sets a strong foundation for your skincare routine.

Our gentle face cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients and ideal for sensitive skin.

Commitment to purity

It was certainly a challenge, formulating a product for sensitive skin,

We needed to stay true to the brand and source only the very best natural actives, that is uniquely suitable for sensitive skin.

The inclusion of healing White tea and Rose Hip Seed oil, are the basis of this cleanser, helping to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Rose hips help to take the fire out of the itch, from stressed-out skin.

This, combined with antioxidant-rich White Tea, makes the perfect anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin.

The range is also delicately fragranced with Bulgarian Rose, which has a nice balancing action upon the skin.

Specifically formulated to

  • protect sensitive skin
  •  calm redness and inflammation
  • restore the acid mantle
  • reduce redness from rosacea
  • remove make-up




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