Strengthen Your Barrier Function With Lipids

Strengthen Your Barrier With Lipids

Tightness? Flaking? Hello and welcome to your dry skin.

It just feels out of sorts… all of the time.

On the more dramatic end, this kind of skin gets red, itchy, and flakey easily.

Despite relentlessly applying moisturiser morning, noon, and night, somehow your skin never appears satisfied.

But wait, don’t despair, there actually is a miracle cure, in the form of lovely natural lipids.

Understanding lovely lipids

Dryness, stinging, burning, flaking, roughness, itching, and inflammation.

All of these sensations indicate a reduction in the key lipids in your skin – ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids; all of which make up your skin’s natural waterproofing.

50% ceramides: These help to maintain the water permeability of the barrier function
25% cholesterol: These keep your skin soft and supple, preventing expression lines from forming
10% fatty acids: These help to maintain the health of your skin, keeping the cellular membranes intact

Lipids are clever little fellows and fulfil particular functions. They prevent desiccation, a more technical term for extreme dryness – they literally form a protective barrier over your skin, which also prevents water evaporation.

Sadly, these lovely lipids can easily get knocked out of balance, leading to skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and Ichthyosis Vulgaris.

Ageing also affects the composition of lipids. Studies have shown a significant decline in ceramide and sterol components, with an increasing fatty acid composition in aged skin.

If you ever notice that your skin has a tendency to feel dryer during the winter months, the changes in the season can really impact the barrier lipids; leading to dryness, roughness, and increased trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

A reduction in ceramides generally leads to an increase in sensitivity and skin irritability, which all leads us back to those dry skin conditions.

No matter what age, the aim with any skin homeostasis is to keep inflammation and irritation out of the skin tissues, as we believe that is at the heart of all premature ageing.

The beautiful barrier function

No article on dry skin would be complete without talking about the role of all-important barrier repair.

So far, we have established that when your skin starts to dry out, it appears dull, rough, and worn out. It can often have a matte appearance, and the texture is rough, it no longer feels soft and supple; this is what is technically referred to in the industry as lipid-dry skin.

Small, white, fatty deposits may also be present around the eye area, which should be checked out, as it could be a sign something more sinister may be brewing systemically – follow the link to find out more.

The lipids create our natural skin moisturiser and are essential for maintaining the skin’s integrity; this is due to their ability to form a barrier between the living cell and the outside world.

They are used as building blocks for membranes and have particular functions, including preventing extreme dryness and dehydration by forming this barrier against the outside world.

They essentially work like tiny bricks and mortar; a type of intercellular cement that fills the gaps between the skin cells. Their role is purely protective, helping to prevent water from escaping from your skin’s tissues, keeping it plump and hydrated.

Treating skin when lipids get out of balance

Ideally, it would be best if you used formulas that contain the correct ratio of lipids.

The folks at The Naked Chemist have a solution and saying for that: When the barrier function fails, don’t treat the symptoms, treat the cause. Fortify Barrier Repair cream does just that; finally, a moisturiser that works with your skin and not against it.

Bio Lipid Complex also contains the right type of lipids; ones that fill the intercellular gaps and stays put on the area of the skin they are required for.

Are some skincare products more effective than others?

The simple answer is, yes. However, to understand how lipids are introduced into your skin, we will have to get a wee bit technical.

Most skin care creams are formulated with thick emulsifiers. The problem is, emulsifiers actually cancel out the positive effects of these important lipids; they can have completely the adverse effect, literally drawing lipids away from your skin.

To get around this problem, we created an emulsion with no emulsifiers. We eliminate emulsifiers and use lipid-rich ingredients instead, which act like emulsifying thickeners to target dry skin at its source, filling the intercellular cement between the gaps in the cells, delivering the all-important lipids exactly where the skin requires them the most.

Your dry skin routine

In the morning:
Cleanse with a Miracle Cleanse, an oil-to-water cleanser that protects as it cleanses. Next, boost your hydration levels with H₂O Hydrating Complex – with an ingredient list that reads like a drink for the skin, this will become your secret weapon against dry skin. Once H₂O has sunk in, layer with your Fortify moisturiser, which is perfectly formulated with the exact amount of lipids to heal a dry, parched skin type.

Each night:
Wash with Miracle Cleanse. Follow up with a hydrating H₂O serum or layer with Quench. Seal in all that lovely humectant goodness with your moisturiser. If your skin feels super dry, skip this step and layer instead, use Ceramide Repair Balm.

In addition:
Why not include A+ Retinoid Complex into your routine? This will help to balance your skin and is the ultimate weapon against ageing. Alternate with C+ Vitamin Complex, which encourages cellular turnover; lightening and brightening dull, depleted skin, helping to restore that youthful glow.

Our products are formulated with lovely lipids designed to mimic the membrane structure of your skin’s barrier function, with the inclusion of ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids in a 1:1:1 ratio.


With this approach, we are treating ‘like with like’ to naturally slow water loss through the skin, accelerate the cellular repair process, and build a strong, healthy barrier, against both the internal and environmental factors that can lead to dry, dehydrated skin.

With all this skin-loving goodness, if you suffer from dry skin, we think you’d agree that lipids should become a firm staple of your skincare routine.


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