SOS Soothing Complex




This deeply caring complex for sensitive, inflamed skin works with its natural defence and repair mechanisms to calm and soothe trouble spots.

A unique, soothing gel that incorporates Canadian Willow herb – a natural steroid which reduces redness and strengthens surface blood vessels. Harakeke gel, Kawa Kawa, and antimicrobial Manuka deliver a hydrating boost of calmness deep within the skin’s tissues. Perfect for skin depleted from stressors such as UV exposure, inflamed blemishes, cold, or travel.

Daily Ritual: At sunrise and sunset, apply 3-5 drops onto your fingertips and gently press into your face, neck, and décolleté.

Skin Concerns: Rosacea, eczema, blemishes, acneic skin, scratches, insect bites.

20% CALENDULA + NZ KAWA KAWA   30mL  1.0 fl oz

Sensitive skin is classified as reactive skin. Through my years of working directly with the skin and with research, I have identified the following common triggers behind this condition:

Immunogenic Inflammation: When a rogue substance enters the skin, such as artificial fragrance or pollen, the immune system is instantly put on high alert.

Neurogenic Inflammation: When more neuro-active chemicals than usual are released into the dermis, the nervous system becomes overstimulated, resulting in a stinging sensation.

An Unbalanced Acid Mantle: Excess exfoliation and harsh ingredients can upset the delicate micro-flora that keep your skin healthy, allowing toxins to penetrate into the dermis and cause irritation.

That, coupled with the factors outside of our control – such as genetics, hormones, stress, pollution, and even food – can intensify our skin’s highly reactive state, creating inflammation. As a result, the health of our skin becomes compromised.

In fact, it’s safe to say that over 50% of all my clients at my clinic report their skin as being sensitive at one time or another. This is often in combination with other conditions; for instance, it’s perfectly feasible to have a client who has acne and sensitised skin, or a dry skin that’s classified as sensitive. So, it was important for me to create a deeply nurturing complex, one that has healing and anti-bacterial properties to calm redness and sensitivity.

Affectionately referred to by my clients as a “nature’s first aid”, SOS was created with the goal of ending the cycle of inflammation that builds up in the skin over time. The intelligent ingredients visibly reduce the activity of the inflammatory markers in skin cells, calming the heat and itching sensations associated with sensitive skin.

Skin Health Benefits

  • Contains a non-steroidal, anti-irritant, antibacterial ingredient
  • Decreases the appearance of facial redness and post-treatment irritation
  • Powerful skin soothers treat inflammatory skin conditions, improving structural integrity
  • Rejuvenates skin and accelerates wound healing – perfect for acne inflammation, scars, and burns


Canadian Willowherb: A non-steroidal antibacterial that rebalances your skin’s immune responses, reducing overreactions to allergens and inflammation.
Kawa Kawa: Promotes skin repair in areas of dry, itchy, scaly skin, and calms flare-ups associated with moderate eczema and other dry-skin conditions.
Manuka Honey: Scientifically proven to accelerate healing of the skin, research around the plant’s properties are impressive; especially its efficacy against the bacteria that cause acne. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, providing soothing and calming benefits to sensitive, inflamed skin.
Harakeke: New Zealand flax yields a clear polysaccharide gel produced on the surface of leaves at the base of plant. The mild astringency of this gel helps control oil overproduction which, coupled with a natural antimicrobial action, makes it an effective defence against breakouts. It naturally soothes, hydrates, and cools; reducing puffiness and redness.

Aqua – Purified Water
Calendula officinalis Calendula flower extract
Mel – Manuka honey
Leptospermum scoparium – Manuka oil
Xanthan gum – Naturally derived gum
Phormium tenax extract – NZ flax gel
Tocopherol – Natural vitamin E
Macropiper ExcelsumKawa Kawa leaf extract
Sodium levulinate and sodium anisate – Naturally derived preservative


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