C+ Vitamin Complex

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Amplify your routine with C+, an essential serum for all those concerned with prematurely aged skin.

Delivering 10% advanced Vitamin C, this incredible elixir is the ultimate skin renewal treatment, targeted to quickly fight off the look of dark spots, dullness and expression lines, brightening your complexion.

Synergistically combined with three potent antioxidants – New Zealand Vinanza, Ferulic Acid, and Vitamin E – it replenishes and restores youthful bounce and an even skin tone.

Daily Ritual: Apply 3-5 drops in the morning over the face, neck, and décolleté before moisturising.

Skin Concerns: Premature ageing, expression lines, hyperpigmentation – dark spots and uneven skin tone.

NZ Totara & Ethyl ascorbic acid 30ml. (1.0 fl oz).


C+ is the ultimate innovation in urban skincare.

The most sought-after treatments in our clinic are those that address ageing. Therefore, we devote constant attention to understanding how to confront the myriad of aggressors that lead to visible lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin dullness.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing treatment. Your skin naturally contains antioxidants that defend against free radicals from the environment; these free radicals are unstable molecules that can break down your skins cells, causing a cycle of destruction that can lead to premature ageing. When environmental free radicals outweigh your skin’s antioxidants, your skin can no longer protect itself. Vitamin C integrates into the structure of your skin harmoniously, quenching these damaging free radicals that prevent Collagen and Elastin synthesis, warding off lines and wrinkles, leaving your complexion plump, radiant and youthful-looking.

Vitamin C is also an important treatment for pigmentation; it blocks tyrosinase, the enzyme that converts tyrosine to melanin, lowering the levels of tyrosinase within your skin, inhibiting excess melanin production before it begins. By breaking down, existing stores of tyrosinase within your skin can help diminish the appearance of pigmentation. Ethylated ascorbic acid – the vitamin C we use in our formulas – helps to ‘switch off the control centre of the tyrosinase molecule so that it cannot spark the production of melanin.

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is an incredibly stable form of Vitamin C that is more readily taken up by your skin cells than any other form – with 85% conversion to pure Ascorbic Acid in the dermis, your deeper layer of skin. NZ Vinanza grape, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid are powerful antioxidants that work synergistically as ‘network antioxidants’ to stabilise the Ethyl Ascorbic Acid further, creating a highly potent, long-lasting formula.

We have sought out ingredients with the most advanced regenerative properties within this formula that enhance Vitamin C’s delivery and stability, creating a potent skin treatment that keeps your skin tight, clear, and youthful.

Tip: If you use DNA or A+ Complex, alternate these at night and use C+ in the morning; otherwise, they can cancel out the ingredients’ effectiveness.

What Should You Look For In a Vitamin C Serum?

  • to prevent the serum from irritating your skin, it must have a pH that is less than 3.5
  • look for a stable form of Vitamin C like Ethyl Ascorbic Acid – unlike L-ascorbic acid, it won’t oxidise in light, heat, or oxygen
  • ensure your formula has additional antioxidants to help to stabilise the formula; a bonus is that the antioxidants will help to protect your skin against oxidative stress
  • any Vitamin C serums should be 10% plus for maximal absorption, where it is readily taken up by the skin cells, more than any other direct-acting forms of topical Vitamin C. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid has 85 % conversion to Ascorbic Acid in the deeper layers of the skin – the dermis

Skin Health Benefits

  • restores dermal thickness, enhances tissue repair, promotes healing of scar tissue
  • wards off premature ageing by neutralising free radicals caused by environmental aggressors
  • stimulates collagen, particularly collagen type I and type III, for a firmer, plumper, more youthful skin
  • removes excess oil, debris and dead cells minimising pores, whilst balancing oil production and an oily T-Zone
  • leaves a clear, even complexion by suppressing melanin production, which diminishes hyper-pigmentation and photo-ageing


10% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: The purest form of easily-absorbed Vitamin C, which is more readily taken up by your skin cells than any other form, with 85% conversion to pure Ascorbic Acid in the dermis. It provides exceptional antioxidant protection whilst stimulating collagen production for a radiant and youthful complexion. Powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid synergistically stabilise the Ethyl Ascorbic Acid to create a highly potent, long-lasting formula.
Vinanza Grape Extract: Clinically proven to improve skin health and elasticity and protect your skin cells from oxidative DNA damage while gently lightening and brightening your skin.
Vitamin E: Found naturally in the skin, it accumulates at the base of our hair follicles, activating the metabolism of natural lipids to the skin’s surface in the form of sebum, making it excellent for dry, mature skin. Its primary function is to protect against free radicals and UV damage. It’s especially potent when paired with its antioxidant partner, vitamin C.Ferulic Acid: Referred to as the “master” antioxidant, it stabilises Ethyl-Ascorbic Acid within a formula, boosting the utilisation of antioxidants, inhibiting the formation of harmful free radicals.

Aqua – Water
Ethyl ascorbic acid – Vitamin C
Glycerine – Vegetable glycerine
Propanediol -Vegetable humectant
Sodium L-pyroglutamate – Sodium PCA
Panthenol – Vitamin B5
Tocopheryl acetate – Vitamin E
Sodium levulinate & sodium anisate – Naturally derived preservative
Ferulic acid – Natural antioxidant
Hydroxyethyl-cellulose – Cellulose gum
Vitis vinifera – Grape seed extract
Citric acid – Natural pH adjuster

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  1. Krystal

    Amazing product! Has helped to brighten my skin make my pigmentation less visible! Thank you!!

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Krystal thankyou so much for this invaluable feedback, really pleased you got the result you were looking for and that it helped with your pigmentation issues. Yours in skin health Samantha

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