BIO Lipid Complex

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Bring depleted skin back into bloom with this unique oil, that mimics the composition and structure of your skin’s lipid layer, allowing the skin-identical ingredients; ceramides, squalene, omegas, and triglycerides, to strengthen and restore your skin’s protective barrier.

Skin is visibly more moisturised, with less inflammation, irritation, and dryness.

Daily Ritual: Apply 3-5 drops in the evening over your face, neck, and décolleté prior to moisturising.

Skin Concerns: Dry, flaky patches, inflammation, impaired barrier, superficial scars, fine lines, and over-exfoliated.


Skin health begins with rebuilding the natural barrier function and eliminating inflammation.

A layer of lipids covers the skin’s surface; playing an integral role in skin health, maintaining the balance of sebum (oil) on the surface, creating a healthy moisture barrier, and keeping microbes out.

Stress, UV, and pollutants can knock these components out of balance, impairing the barrier. Without this invisible shield, water escapes from the skin causing dehydration, initiating an immune response that can lead to redness and inflammation. Additionally, elevated oil levels can occur – a major factor involved in the pathophysiology of acne.

After years of research on the protective role of the barrier function, we created Bio Lipid to bridge this gap, to bring sebaceous secretions into balance, and tackle the underlying causes of inflammation. The precise, proportionate blend of lipids – identical to those found in the dermis keeps your skin’s barrier functioning effectively, as underlying tissues become less reactive, and skin correction becomes easier.

Many of our clients suffer from conditions associated with eczema, and inflamed breakouts; including dryness, inflammation, and premature ageing, and have reported an improvement in symptoms in as little as 12 weeks with regular application.

Tip: Bio lipid contains sebaceous lipids including triglycerides, phospholipids, and squalene, which fill the spaces between skin cells, like mortar or cement. replenishing and repairing the barrier function. Layering over Bio lipid complex with Fortify barrier repair cream, which contains epidermal lipids – cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides will help to repair an impaired skin further – locking those all-important lipids against the skin.

Skin Health Benefits

  • skin-identical ingredients bring instant relief to dry, depleted skin
  • optimises the synthesis of filaggrin – a key protein in the barrier function
  • comforts and calms sensitive skin; reducing inflammation and irritation
  • natural antioxidants create a bright orange hue and neutralise free radicals, warding off premature ageing
  • boosts skin’s ceramide and lipid production; improving structural integrity, rebuilding an impaired barrier


Lipid Blend: Lipid molecules such as squalane and triglycerides are the key component of the top layer of skin, they are fully compatible with those found within your own cell membranes that support cellular rejuvenation; helping to soothe inflammation and repair dry skin conditions
Pohutukawa: Your skin fully recognises this deeply conditioning botanical extract as being identical to the nutritive building blocks of the skin; greatly enhancing its ability to repair and heal.
Macadamia oil: With a chemical profile similar to sebum and the highest content of palmitoleic and linoleic acid – important fatty acids that deplete with age; topical application ensures your skin stays soft and supple.
Sea Buckthorn Oil: An important antioxidant-rich in Omegas 6, 9, and Vitamins A, C, E, and K, it halts the damage caused by environmental aggressors that, left unattended, lead to premature ageing.

Sesamum indicum – Sesame seed oil
Helianthus annuus – Sunflower seed oil
Macadamia ternifolia – Macadamia nut oil
Daucus carota sativa – Carrot seed oil
Oenothera biennis – Evening primrose seed oil
Simmondsia chinensis – Jojoba seed oil
Squalane – Olive derived oil
Hippophae rhamnoides – Sea buckthorn seed oil
Sclerocarya birrea: Marula seed oil
Rosa canina – Rosehip seed oil
Calendula officinalis – Calendula flower oil
Phospholipid – Natural lipids
Tocopherol – Natural vitamin E
Ceramide complex – Ceramides Np, Ap, Eop
Metrosideros excels – Pohutukawa bark extract

Please refer to this article for the reason behind the inclusion of ingredients.

9 reviews for BIO Lipid Complex

  1. Clare L (verified owner)

    Cutting a very long story short but all I can say is I am so thankful I came across Samantha and The Naked Chemist. I just wish I had found it before I ventured into the world of microneedling!!! The procedure I feel damaged my skin and thought I had no hope at all. It not only damaged my skin but my self confidence too sending me into a downward slope!!! I contacted Samantha who advised me to use certain products. I use Bio Oil in the evening followed by fortify. My skin is not back to how it was before the treatment but is much better and my self confidence is coming back too. I had permanent red areas on my cheeks which have improved massively. The product soaks into my skin straight away and feels so soothing. I know there is no quick fix but these products are the best. Samantha is fantastic too always there to answer any questions you may have. Don’t let the fact the Naked Chemist is based in New Zealand delivery is great with DHL. Thank you.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Clare

      So relieved to hear that you are having a good result with your skin and the products and that your confidence is coming back as a result. Essentially skin health is what the products are all about and that you are achieving this with Bio and Fortify is wonderful to hear.

  2. Fiona Nigra

    Really enjoying this product can’t actually believe the amazing difference in my skin after using this, thank you the Naked Chemist for your wonderful range.

    • Samantha Miller

      Fiona thank you for this feedback, it’s comments like this that really help us to keep being committed to skin health. samantha

  3. Sue Cole

    I stumbled across this site when looking for products with the correct ration of ceramides and cholesterol to repair my barrier. I have been using Bio lipid in combination with Fortify for 6 months and it is remarkable the difference in my skin. I for one could not be more grateful thank you for the work you do in trying to help people with their skin health. Sue

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Sue
      Really pleased that you have found this combination of products to be helpful and that your skin has improved, thank you for the feedback.

  4. Christine o (verified owner)

    I had horrible damage from microneedling and I have tried everything and gave up hope and I found this website and product. I’ve only been using for a week and already see incredible healing in my skin. I want to cry tears of joy. Thank you!!!

    • Samantha Miller

      Christine, I am so glad that I can be of service and that together we can put a routine in place that will slowly heal your skin. Thank you so much for this invaluable feedback. samantha

  5. Sam (verified owner)

    I love all the products I’m using after one session of microneedling almost a year ago my perfect skin has not been the same. Inflamed skin, never before breakouts, enlarged pores. It has been a devastating year and samantha and her products have been helpful and hopeful. I started w bio and fortify but I was still inflamed so I’ve been using SOS and bio at night which so far has not irritated my skin. During the day I’m using DNA and glow before I moisturize. I will update after further use. Samantha has been so helpful and a real resource for skin and also one of the only sites that has spoken out about the real damage microneedling can do. I’m very grateful and hopeful that my skin will be on the road to better health.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Sam. This is really valuable and honest feedback thankyou so much for the review. I just wanted to point out that A+ and Glo are quite active, so a good option is to alternate with your other products, especially if your skin is very thin and barrier impaired – remember less is best especially after damage from micro needling. Good luck I really hope you get some good results. Yours in skin health Samantha

  6. Clara (verified owner)

    This product should be winning awards. It is that good!

    This product made it feel like my skin actually produced oil (it doesn’t) and it gave me that beautiful, plump, moist skin that you only see on people with oilier skins – without looking or feeling oily.

    I’ve found Samantha’s products not only offer fantastic skin benefits, but an amazing sensory experience as well. I couldn’t stop patting my skin after I applied this. It really felt too good to be true.

    • Samantha Miller

      This is a hero product in the clinic and for good reason, replenishing many of the missing ingredients that becomes depleted from the skin with age, thank you for this review great feedback.

  7. Melinda (verified owner)

    I am very thankful for these products! I’ve been dealing with skin issues for quite some time (rosacea, PoD) but early this year, I had an acute flare on my entire face with redness, burning, painful pustules, itching etc. All attempts to calm and cure this just worsened the situation. By the time I saw a dermatologist, I was diagnosed with an impaired skin barrier. I believe this was really the underlying problem all along, however, due to multiple sensitivities with many ingredients, I was left with very little options to nourish my skin, and my skin was depleted for years. I was delighted to find Samantha’s articles on barrier repair and even more elated to see that she was using natural ingredients in her products. I am extremely careful about what I use on my skin and because of sensitivities to even some natural ingredients, it’s wonderful that Samantha will customize orders. I haven’t had to customize yet, as the H20, Lipid Complex and Fortify have been healing my skin nicely. My skin actually feels soft like skin again instead of sandpaper. Samantha is very knowledgeable about what the skin needs and more importantly has crafted skin nourishing products with natural ingredients! Additionally, she is very thoughtful and sincere in communicating with and helping her clients find the best products for individual concerns. Truly a gem!

    • Samantha Miller

      Dear Melinda
      I really appreciate your feedback and I am truly so happy that my skin care products are restoring your barrier and returning your skin to health, which is essentially is what my skincare journey is all about and that is very fulfilling to me, so thank you for your wonderful comment and I truly hope your skin fully recovers. Yours in skin health Samantha

  8. Cheryl (verified owner)

    UPDATE: In the short while I have been using the skin shots (H2O, BIO, ACE) and Fortify cream, I can definitely tell an improvement in my skin. My face had become dry and rough from years of sun exposure and effects from aging. And now, my face feels softer and smoother!

    Also, Samantha goes ‘above and beyond’ in providing excellent customer service. She works hard to ensure clients get the right skin treatment for their specific needs, including creating customized treatments for special conditions. I am extremely pleased with the quality of products and services of The Naked Chemist!

    • Samantha Miller

      Cheryl thank you so much for this lovely review it means a lot. I do really try to cut through the noise about skin care and treat my clients on a one on one basis, as we are all so metabolically different, I am so glad that the products are proving beneficial and you are getting great results. Yours in skin health Samantha

  9. cheryl (verified owner)

    I just finished a round of ‘chemical’ treatment for an area on my nose to treat potential Actinic Keratosis. The treatment left a very small area looking as if it had incurred a bad sunburn. Post the treatment, I have been saturating it with the liquid shots (H2O, Bio, ACE) and Fortify cream, which seems to really be helping with the recovery.

    • Samantha Miller

      Dear Cheryl
      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, i recommend to keep layering and locking H20 the humectants against your skin with lots of lovely lipids found in Bio lipid or fortify, good luck with everything and i look forward to the results -Samantha

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