Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is an important assessment tool.

It helps you realise your skin goals and find the products that will work for your particular skin concerns.

Visually observing your skin means you can identify conditions not seen by the naked eye.

During a face analysis, your skin is looked at with a trained eye, and questions are asked about your lifestyle and environment.

All of this helps to reveal your true skin type and any possible underlying causes of concern, you might have, such as breakout or acne activity, dehydration, sensitivity or pigmentation.

Once this has been ascertained, an effective treatment plan is put together, so that you can achieve optimal skin health.

Skin analysis observations

So what types of things can be observed when looking at your skin?


To see if you have dehydrated skin, or if your skin is lacking in moisture, the skin on your cheek is gently lifted, if horizontal lines are visible chances are your skin is dehydrated.

If not treated, it can lead to premature ageing, H20 pure hyaluronic complex is the perfect solution for dehydrated skin.


A great way to get an angle on the health of your skin is to assess the texture.

  • if its course and rough, this could indicate it is dry
  • if your skin presents as inflamed, red or scaly, then it may be sensitive
  • if blackheads, pores or shiny skin is a concern, then chances are your skin is oily or combination


if you’re an acne sufferer, then a skin analysis will try to establish the types of acne grades that are presenting, and whether your acne is active or burnt out, or if any scarring is present.

All of which will determine the treatment program you should be undergoing, this is something your skincare specialist will discuss with you.

Sun Damage

A skin analysis will look for evidence of the following:

Discolouration and the colour will also be assessed; if the pigmentation is brown, red or white, and what the distribution is like.

If solar keratosis is evident, this may present itself as pre-cancerous spots or skin cancer in the future; if there is cause for concern, then you would be referred to your doctor to check.

Glo antioxidant complex will help to lighten and brighten areas that are affected by sun damage and pigmentation.


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