Rosemary Essential Oil, Ursolic Acid

Rosemary Essential Oil, Ursolic Acid

Rosemary essential oil is a powerful healing herb.

Ursolic Acid is the key component of Rosemary that is used in skin care.

It is an extremely biological compound that is found in the waxy covering of apples, lavender, sage, and basil.




This is an important compound in rosemary that deserves a special mention.

It contains pentacyclic triterpene acid that has antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Ursolic acid has an interesting effect on the skin; it forms an oil-resistant barrier, almost like a waxy coating. This barrier helps to protect the skin, locking the good stuff in.

Ursolic acid is also said to be good for stimulating hair growth and prevention of scalp irritation, which is why you’ll often see rosemary included in many hair products.

It is thought to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, activating mother cells in the scalp.

A ground breaking study, testing different rosemary extracts, found that ursolic acid can redirect our skin’s cells to make more llipids.

These were not just any lipids but ceramides; an important component in our skin’s tissues, which are responsible for improving the skin’s texture and repairing the barrier function.

The same study was carried out on a controlled clinical study of volunteers; researchers were amazed to find that skin treated with ursolic acid was instantly rejuvenated and had the following positive results on the skin:


Ceramides are often found in high concentrations in a youthful skin, but as we age, these levels reduce quite significantly. Ursolic acid promoted the ceramides, helping to fight premature ageing and extremely dry skin.

It is thought that ursolic acid helps to increase collagen by encouraging the production of fibroblast cells in the lower layers of the skin’s dermis – the cells responsible for creating collagen and elastin.

Claims that rosemary essential oil or its extract is in a product, is not the same as using a potent and purified form of ursolic acid, which is derived from rosemary.

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