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Why A Balanced pH is the Holy Grail of Skin Health

A healthy pH is your epidermal sweet spot Without it, your acid mantle and the [...]


Easy Healing Clay Face Mask Recipes in 2023

Nourishing and cleansing are just some of the benefits of a clay face mask. They [...]


Nature’s Answer to Blonde Hair Colour

My mantra is, Mother Nature takes care of all your beauty needs. The great thing [...]

Cleansing Oil Recipes to Nourish Your Skin

Wipe the day away with these gentle cleansing oil recipes, designed to remove impurities without [...]


DIY Body Sprays With Natural Oils

Natural oil sprays are the perfect choice for that all-over summer glow. They leave a [...]

Herbs and Their Uses: Making an Infusion

Herbs and their uses are numerous; by making an infusion, you can release the active [...]

My Favourite Herbal Tea Recipes

Herbal tea recipes are really simple to make; they're a great way to get maximum [...]


How to Use Herbs: The Squeeze on Herbal Goodness in Skincare

Our philosophy is clean and conscious beauty. Coupled with the fact that interest in green [...]


Lesson three, making skincare lotion

Making skincare lotion is all about trial and error. Before you begin, make sure you [...]

Lesson Two, creating simple skincare lotions

Making homemade skincare lotions is an art. It would help if you also were meticulous about everything [...]