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Mastering Facial Beauty Analysis: Professional Tips for Flawless Facials

If you have a facial treatment, you should expect first-class service

Anything less than that is not acceptable

You’re the paying customer, and it is your skin,  the only one you have

As the founder of the Naked Chemist and a clinical esthetician for 30 years.

A facial analysis is one of the most critical aspects of your treatment.

After all, if you are not diagnosing a client’s skin correctly, how can you expect to carry out the correct procedure?

The Facial Beauty Analysis 

Despite such an advanced beauty culture, I find it disappointing as an esthetician with 30 years of experience and the founder of the Naked Chemist that most of the skin analysis conducted in aesthetics and skincare clinics is still insufficient to be helpful.

The main reason is that many clinics do not use detailed consultations and skin diagnostic tools.

So, how do you benefit from your treatment in a largely unregulated industry?

As the client, I recommend researching well and ensuring you use a skincare specialist experienced in performing the treatment you want. They should be an expert in “skin” and have an extensive understanding of skin structure and function.

Many skin care specialists treat the symptoms rather than the cause of skin conditions, which may explain why many treatment protocols fail to deliver clients’ expected results.

By determining the condition’s cause and what subsystems of the skin have been affected, more appropriate and practical action plans can be formulated, helping you build a skin health program.

So, you must take control of your treatment and ensure you will be in the best hands possible.

Micro-needling is a classic example; a quick scan over some of the comments at the end of this article will give you an idea of the outcomes people have experienced due to poorly performed treatments!

Ultimately, you’re in the driving seat. A consultation is a contract between you and your chosen skincare specialist, and if they perform it correctly, this will give you a good indication of their professionalism.

If they perform a thorough facial beauty analysis on you before treatment commences, you know they have integrity and experience in treating skin professionally.

The Facial Beauty Analysis Procedure

The consultation process is a two-way street:

  • your therapist should be empathetic and allow you to discuss your concerns
  • they should understand your requirements and know exactly what you expect from your treatment
  • finally, they should discuss the best course of action you need to take to have a healthy skin

Every time we treat a client in our clinic, even if it’s their fourth time, we conduct a 15-minute consultation.

This helps us build up a profile of our client’s skin and identify any skin conditions or concerns that may require additional attention.

The Questionnaire

Before the treatment, your skin specialist should discuss your lifestyle, health concerns, medication, and more.

This is when you will be allowed to discuss any previous treatments you may have had and what you currently use on your skin, which helps build a profile and determine the treatment outcome.

For instance, if you have diabetes or take Roaccutane, these can thin your skin and contra-indicate specific facial treatments.

Questions You Should Be Asked

  • any dermatological problems
  • your home care routine and the products used
  • they will discuss your skin’s intrinsic characteristics, this is related to genetics
  • they will also discuss your skin’s extrinsic factors, which are related to lifestyle and so forth
  • they will look at lifestyle habits such as exercise, stress, sun exposure, smoking, and more
  • your skin type will be diagnosed, and they will get your perspective on your skin and give you feedback after your facial analysis
  • nutrition and hydration will also be discussed; this will include water and caffeine intake, any specific diets, and nutritional supplementation
  • they will need to know about any cosmetic history you may have had and any reactions, an idea of when they were last performed and the outcome will all be taken into account
  • any treatment risk factors that you may have previously encountered, including allergies, sensitivities, previous reactions, medication interactions, lifestyle, and so forth
  • your medical history will be discussed, including any significant conditions you may have, surgeries, allergies, prescription medications, and so forth

The Woods Lamp

Before performing a visual facial beauty analysis, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all makeup – this will ensure a correct reading of your skin can be carried out.

Your skin will be assessed with a magnifying lamp, which will give your skincare specialist an idea of what is happening under the skin’s surface, where most conditions arise.

This will also highlight any areas of concern that are not visible to the naked eye; this includes the type of skin you have, dry, oily, combination or normal, and any conditions presenting such as pigmentation, acne, blackheads, dehydration, etc.

Occasionally, a wood lamp or a skin scanner is used to better understand any underlying conditions; once your skin type and conditions have been assessed, your skincare specialist is better positioned to create a tailored skincare program.

At the End of the Treatment

At the end of the beauty analysis, your skincare specialist should discuss the following findings:

  • the treatment process
  • your skin type
  • any skin conditions
  • the reasons why
  • the best products to use to target concerns
  • the best treatment plan moving forward
  • professionally advise the best home care routine for your particular skin type and concerns

To conclude. The naked truth

It may come as a surprise to learn that a facial is much more than a treatment.

You should now know why the visual and verbal consultation process is essential, especially if you want the best results from your treatment.

For those who would like further reading, skincare expert Florence Barrett Hill discusses the importance of the facial analysis procedure in depth.

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