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Instantly soothe discomfort and visibly reduce redness with Saviour, a highly active anti-inflammatory that combines the concentration of a pressed oil serum with the comforting hydration of a moisturiser.

Containing healing New Zealand Kawa Kawa, Saviour works at a cellular level to limit inflammatory reactions, and is clinically proven to relieve the itching, irritation, redness, and scaling of eczema and rosacea prone skin.

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive/Normal

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With over 50% of my clients suffering from sensitive skin concerns, it was important to me that I address this concern at a cellular level.

A sensitive skin is classed as a reactive skin, and my research has identified the common triggers behind this condition:
Immunogenic inflammation is when a rogue substance like artificial fragrance or pollen enters the skin, this instantly puts the immune system on high alert.

Neurogenic Inflammation is caused by to many neuro-active chemicals being released into the dermis than usual, this over stimulates the nervous system leading to a stinging sensation.

The acid mantle, the delicate micro-flora that keeps your skin healthy, can easily get out of balance, excess exfoliation and harsh ingredients allow toxins to penetrate into the dermis, causing inflammation and irritation.

Savior was specifically formulated with intelligent ingredients, that visibly reduce the activity of the inflammatory markers in our skin cells, this in turn reduces the heat and itch sensation that comes with a sensitive, inflamed skin.

Designed to be used when skin requires a break from stimulating ingredients, fragrances and plant extracts, which can lower your tolerance against potential stressors.

DAILY RITUAL: At sunrise and sunset, gently massage into your face, neck, and décolleté.

My customised approach has been designed to work synergistically to repair the acid mantle, and control the neurogenic and immunogenic inflammatory pathways that lead to sensitivity:

  • SOS a potent skin repairer, restores calm and confidence to inflamed skin
  • pH uniquely formulated with copper peptides, replace skin identical ingredients that are missing, rebuilding your skins acid mantle
  • Naturelene is the go to balm when nothing else will do, creating an extremely protective and healing breathable barrier, repairing skin on a cellular level


  • Contains powerful skin soothers
  • Decreases the appearance of facial redness
  • Minimises risk of inflammation

Kawa Kawa: Promotes skin repair in areas of dry, itchy, scaly skin, and calms flare-ups associated with moderate eczema and other dry-skin conditions.
Canadian Willowherb: A non-steroidal antibacterial that rebalances your skin’s immune responses, reducing over-reactions to allergens and inflammation.
Chia Seed Oil: Noted as being the richest botanical source of omega fatty acids, Chia is an integral treatment for barrier repair and the maintenance of healthy skin cell membranes.

2 reviews for Saviour Calming Day Cream

  1. moni

    favourite moisturiser of all time!

    • Samantha Miller

      Thank you so glad you like it….Samantha

  2. Jane Peters

    I absolutely love this product just makes my skin like new again, layered over H20 it is wonderful

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Jane

      Thank you so much for the review so glad the H20 is helping your skin.

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