How The Sun Sees You

How the Sun Sees You

A picture can speak a thousand words, and this video on what the sun does to your skin certainly achieves that. If you're in denial about the risks of UV and why your skin requires protection, this video puts it into perspective.READ MORE
Glossary of Articles on Skin

A Complete Guide on the Skin’s Functions

You probably realise by now we love absolutely everything about skin Why? Because your skin is freekin awesome, that’s why. It’s the largest organ in your body. And an intelligent communication system It’s your armour, your protection, it is your genetic heritage. Your skin holds your body together, shielding you from the outside world. Just […]READ MORE
Quench ultra hydrating water gel

Quench ultra hydrating water gel

We have to let you into a little beauty secret here at the Naked Chemist; there is a hydrating moisturiser in our range that we admit to falling in love with. This cooling, overnight moisturising mask not only plumps and restores dehydrated skin, but its electrolyte cocktail infuses the skin with a continuous veil of […]READ MORE

Personal Hygiene and Sterilization

Personal Hygiene and Sterilization When offering beauty services hygiene and sterilisation are key. It is important to be meticulous about cleanliness to prevent cross-contamination. Nails must be short and kept clean and never wear nail polish, especially when doing eye treatments or facials as it may chip. Ensure your hair is always tied back off […]READ MORE