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Customised Cosmetics

Fortify barrier repair cream for dry, sensitive skin

Does your skin often feel dry and flaky? Or maybe it gets slightly sensitised? Or [...]


Miracle Cleanser for Dry Skin

Many of our clients see cleansing as a tedious step before applying the more exciting [...]

How the Sun Sees You

A picture can speak a thousand words, and this video on what the sun does [...]


Glossary of Articles on your Skin’s Functions

You probably realise by now we love absolutely everything about skin Why? Because your skin [...]

Quench ultra hydrating water gel

We have to let you into a little beauty secret here at the Naked Chemist; [...]


Personal Hygiene and Sterilization

Personal Hygiene and Sterilization When offering beauty services hygiene and sterilisation are key. It is [...]

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