Principles of the natural detox diet

For the purpose of this series we are looking at the detox diet.

What has that to do with beauty you may ask?

Well everything, or at least that is if you want healthy skin.

In fact you can read all about the benefits here, where I look at the reasons why detox is so important for a clear skin.

Natural Detox Diet

The body cleansing detox diet is one of the best ways of clearing the system quickly.

Our 10 day detox diet is about ridding your body of harmful fats, sugar and overly processed foods that you may have been consuming of late.

The effects can be so dramatic; it may be advisable to start this particular detox diet over a weekend.

It is important that all stimulants and depressants such as alcohol and coffee are eliminated from your diet.

Initially this may cause some side effects such as headaches, irritability and tiredness but overtime this will subside.

The benefits of fruit

The bulk of the detox diet is made up of fruit; this is because our body can easily process fruit which is why it is so cleansing.

  • Most stored wastes responsible for aches and pains, are generally very acidic and fruit is very alkaline, this is why fruit can help to balance the body, assisting with throwing off waste that enters the blood stream
  • The alkalinity found in fruit, can help neutralise waste by-products, so they are no longer harmful to the body and can be quickly expelled; In this way the possibility of any cleansing reactions are less likely to occur
  • There is a lot of potassium in fruit, this  helps to rid the system of excess water and oedema in the tissues, increasing oxygenation in the cells and raising cell vitality
  • Fruit is mildly laxative, so it’s a wonderful intestinal broom, sweeping clean the alimentary canal
  • Fruit is ideal as a natural body cleanse ingredient, as it is easily digested and does not remain in the stomach for more than an hour.

One piece of detox fruit can be eaten throughout the day, because it is the least taxing on the digestive system and it is also the best way to lose weight, eating a piece of fruit alone does not make you gain weight.

For this particular detox diet it is recommended that fruit is eaten about five to six times throughout the course of the day.

How you choose to eat these fruits is entirely up to you, they can be sliced, stewed, pulped and blended, to make the dishes more interesting.

Ginger, lemon, herbal teas and vegetable juice can be drunk throughout the day, to further aid elimination.


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