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Rosehip Seed Oil for Sensitive Skin

I suffer from dehydrated skin,

Which is also plagued with underlying sensitivity,

So it was important for me to create a skincare range, that catered for sensitive skin conditions.

One that harnesses the properties of calming ingredients.

Treating skin irritation

Sensitive skin requires extra care and attention.

It requires treatment from pure, gentle ingredients that help calm inflammation and restore an impaired acid mantle.

Because, as with any sensitive skin condition, the skins barrier function has been undermined to some degree.

Why rosehip seed oil?

I was fortunate enough to train with Jan Kusmerick, from Fragrant Earth; he is the famous aromatherapist and perfumer, behind the successful brand Elemis.

He would often discuss, the important tissue regenerating properties of Rosehip seed oil.

Through his research, he had amazing results on patients with third-degree burns in hospitals, and he was able to reverse a lot of this damage, through using high levels of CO2 Rose hip oil combined with Helichrysum essential oil.

Using this combination on new scar tissue, he reportedly had great results.

Rose hip seed oil facts

  • the oil is soothing, healing, repairing and firming.
  • Rich in Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Citric Acid, Lycopene and Bio Flavonoids
  • rose hips have amazing Antioxidant benefits, preventing oxidation in the skin.
  • they are an incredible source of vitamins A, D and E, and Vitamin C. There is something like 1,500 mg of Vitamin C in every 100 grams of dried Rose Hips, which interestingly is higher than oranges.
  • the oil helps lock in moisture to the skin tissues, which is important with sensitive skin, as the skins barrier function has become impaired.

For further reading on the properties of this precious oil, follow the link.

So you can see why our formula contains this unique oil in its purest form is the first step to treating sensitive skin and inflammation,

And why, this is one ingredient we can’t afford to overlook when treating sensitive skin.


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    I’m glad I found find this web site! thanks for the useful information especially on sensitive skin conditions

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