Planning a Marketing Strategy, advice from big fish

I love the branding behind the Yeo Valley campaign.

Branding is such an incredibly powerful, marketing tool,

So I thought I might like to inject a bit of that flavour into our business,

After recently chatting to the guys at Big Fish at a recent conference.

The guys behind this very marketing campaign, they were more than willing to give me some advice, appreciating my obvious passion,

Because I am all about transparency, I thought I would share the love with our loyal readers;

Big Fish Marketing Strategy

Essentially Big Fish works on broad scale branding projects.

They build brands and produce all the collateral required, to creatively express a proposition and positioning,

Whether that is packaging, websites, internet marketing strategies, sales & marketing and so on.

They don’t just look at one dimension of a business, they like to look at everything.

Creating complete consistency across all communication lines, including the on line marketing strategies,

All of which involves a clearly defined process, which takes a great deal of time and resource.

Join us here tomorrow, for more great advice on branding, by the guys from Big Fish.

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