Planning a Marketing Strategy: Advice From Big Fish

We love the branding behind the Yeo Valley campaign.

Branding is such a potent marketing tool.

We recently caught up with the folks from the Big Fish and sat down with them to get their view on branding and marketing advice. They were more than willing to give me some advice, appreciating my obvious passion.

Because we are all about transparency, we thought we would share the love with our loyal readers.

The Big Fish Marketing Strategy

Essentially, Big Fish works on broad-scale branding projects. They build brands and produce all the collateral required to creatively express a proposition and positioning:

In short, we name brands, position them, give them identities and personalities. Then we help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, put them in touch with each other, write the words, draw the pictures, design things, photograph and illustrate stuff, create online tools to help track progress and research new ideas and probably a whole lot more.

Whether that is packaging, websites, internet marketing strategies, sales & marketing and so on; they don’t just look at one dimension of a business, they like to look at everything – creating complete consistency across all communication lines, including the online marketing strategies,

All of which involves a clearly defined process, which takes a great deal of time and resource.

Join us here tomorrow, for more great advice on branding by the guys from Big Fish.


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