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Category Archives: Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation Made Easy

Is hyperpigmentation or unsightly brown spots giving you the beauty blues? This article will help [...]


What is Melanin? Skin’s Tiny Umbrellas

What is melanin? That healthy-looking tan you're sporting is anything BUT healthy. Melanin acts like [...]

Types of Chemical Peels to Glow Proof Skin

Are you concerned with acne, ageing, dryness or pigmentation? Or maybe your skin is dull, [...]

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Alpha Hydroxy Acid for Skin Health

Rejuvenate, rejuvenate, rejuvenate. That is the phrase that springs to mind when we discuss lovely [...]

Salicylic Acid, the super sexy clear skin ingredient

Salicylic acid is a sexy little number that has some wonderful results on the skin. [...]

Understanding the Beta and Alpha Hydroxy Acid Difference

Skincare enthusiasts and beauty industry insiders have long been reaping the glow-boosting benefits of chemical [...]