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Category Archives: Pigmentation

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation instantly in 2024

Do you look in the mirror and see dark patches or uneven skin tone? Maybe [...]

Your Complete guide to Deep Phenol Peel

A phenol peel is the real deal; it is the most intense type of peel [...]

Types of Chemical Peels to Glow Proof Skin

Are you concerned with acne, ageing, dryness or pigmentation? Or maybe your skin is dull, [...]

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Your Complete guide to using Chemical Peels Safely

What is a chemical peel? it is an acid that dissolves the top layers. This [...]


How to Treat Chemical Peel Burns and Heal Your Skin

Thinking of having a chemical peel? Do your research well, because if administered wrong, peels [...]

Your Complete Resource For Treating Dark Spots

Vitamin B3 the Gold Standard in Skincare 5 Best Skin Lightening Treatments for Stubborn Dark [...]

Vitamin C for Skin Health: Your Complete Guide

Vitamin C is an anti-ageing powerhouse. We take a look at the chemistry behind different [...]

5 Best Skin Lightening Treatments for Stubborn Dark Spots

We all want to have that natural glow. With a clear, even, smooth skin tone. [...]

Do you want pollution Proof Glowing Skin Routine?

With all the research I have done on skin over the years, I have to [...]

Hydroquinone: Is This Toxic Beauty at its Best?

Hydroquinone has a number of adverse reactions on the skin, including contact dermatitis and hypo [...]