The driving passion behind the range comes from decades of working directly with the skin.

Dedicated to this purpose I make one simple promise—to provide advanced skincare backed by science.


This is at the heart of the Naked Chemists DNA it’s what we do.

If dryness, sensitivity, ageing or blemishes is a concern, this is your skin reacting to your lifestyle, diet and environment.

Just like you, your skin requires constant change, it’s a living ecosystem, a communication interface that is always balancing to be at its best according to information it receives.

By listening to your skin’s and following its unique requests, you can help to recover its beauty and balance.


Each product has been hand crafted using the principles of plants as medicine, combined with modern scientific research into how ingredients interact with our skin.

The high potency formulas are concentrated with skin identical ingredients, specifically designed to protect healthy skin, restore an impaired barrier and reduce the triggers behind inflammation, which all lead to premature ageing.

Skin identical ingredients are infused with bio-organic and natural ingredients, carefully sourced for their unique potency, to capture the energetic, skin nourishing properties of plants.

Consumer education is at the heart of the Naked Chemist.

My goal is to share my knowledge of skin health and plant-based nutrition, encouraging lifestyle changes that are most beneficial to your wellbeing. Read the Naked Truth magazine to find out more.

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Transform ordinary rituals

into the extrodinary, with beautiful skincare and expert advise.

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