When offering beauty services hygiene and sterilisation is key.


It is important to be meticulous about cleanliness, in order to prevent cross contamination.

Nails must be short and kept clean and never wear nail polish, especially when doing eye treatments or facials as it may chip.

Ensure your hair is always tied back off your face.

Before you begin any treatment, always wipe your equipment and work tops down with isopropyl alcohol, this is something that can be purchased from any large DIY store or pharmacy.

It’s a good idea to decant a small amount into a spray bottle, which you can then use to mist surfaces, ensure the bottle is clearly labelled and kept in a safe place at all times.

Any equipment such as scissors or tweezers, needs to be thoroughly sterilized.

Ideally you should wear a uniform, it always looks professional and gives a good first impression.


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