Four core values are at the heart of my brand.

These I would like to share with you.

Quality: Premium products that are of high quality, that will meet strict standards if they come under scrutiny.

Integrity: Having worked in the skincare industry for many years, as a esthetician and educator, I understand a lot about the science of ingredients.

I’m often amazed at what companies feel they can get away with, because there are so few regulations that surround the industry.

Anyone can put the words “Organic or Natural” on their packaging, regardless of the ingredients.

Which is why I plan to source third party certification, in order for customers to be able to identify with my brand and know what it is credible.

Transparency: Ideally I would like my branding statement to be all about transparency.

What this means, is that I want to have as much transparency around my ingredients as possible.

In some ways this goes hand in hand with integrity, this brand is all about using ingredients that are safe to use, many of which are sourced from local suppliers.

Harnessing as many natural super food ingredients within the formula as possible, so my customers can be assured they know exactly what’s going into the products.

Ethical: This for me is simply, it is about doing what I know is instinctively right.

More can be read about what essentially encompasses everything I am passionate about, in my article natural beauty.



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