Performing a Professional Facial Beauty Analysis

A facial beauty analysis is vital, if you’re concerned about the health of your skin.

As a skin care expert, I feel the consultation process is an important part of the treatment, after all, without reading the skin correctly, how could I possibly expect to deliver an awesome treatment.

The consultation process gives my clients an opportunity to discuss their concerns, after all giving a treatment is a two way street.

  • It is important to LISTEN to a client’s concerns
  • To understand their requirements and exactly what they EXPECT from their treatment
  • Then RECOMMEND the best course of action

Take Charge of Your Skin

In a largely unregulated industry it has to be said, standards do vary between salons.

So what can you do, to ensure you’re going to get the most from your treatment, quite simply, take charge.

Now I don’t mean to be controversial here, but I can’t stress this enough;I have had too many clients referred to me, from poorly performed treatments, after all you’re in the driving seat, and anything less than first class service, is just not acceptable.

It is your skin after all, and the only one you have, so ensure you’re getting the best results from your treatment. This is why the Naked Chemist range of products are all about customisation, it’s about really listening to your skin and treating any concerns that arise on a daily basis, because our skin is always changing.

So if you’re confused about what to expect from your treatment then you have come to the right place.

Below I have put together some professional guidelines, so you know exactly what to expect, from your professional skincare treatment.

Beauty Facial Analysis

Every time I treat a client, even if it’s their fourth time, I carry out a 15 minute consultation.

This helps me build up a profile of my client’s skin, and identify any skin conditions or concerns that require my attention.

The Questionnaire
Before my client gets on the couch, we have a discussion about their skin, we discuss their lifestyle, health concerns, medication and more.

The article the facial analysis, touches upon the questions I ask.

This is also the time, where I discuss any previous treatments my client may of had, I also like to get an idea, of what they are using on their skin, all of which helps me to determine the outcome of their treatment.

Next I give my client a mirror and ask them to identify any concerns; this is where I step my treatment up a gear, as this information helps me to customise the treatment, specifically for my client.

The Double Cleanse
Before performing the visual facial beauty analysis, I cleanse the skin.

The first cleanse is always a superficial cleanse, and the second a deep cleanse, this ensures that all make up has been completely removed, an important step, if I am to get a true idea of my client’s skin type.

I don’t tone the skin, as this temporarily dilates the pores, which can interfere with the skin analysis.

The Magnifying Lamp
With the use of a magnifying lamp, I begin to assess their skin.

I never perform a facial beauty analysis, with the magi lamp shining directly onto the skin; I always keep it at an angle, looking across the skin. This helps me get an idea of what is going on under the surface, which is where most conditions arise.

It highlights any areas I may need to focus on, that are not visible to the naked eye.

Once I’ve have established the skin type and skin conditions, I am in a better position, to correctly treat my client.

Concluding the Treatment
At the end of the treatment, I discuss the findings with my client:

  • Treatment process
  • Areas of concern
  • Reasons why
  • Products used

We discuss the best treatment method moving forward.

I then professionally advice them of the best home care regime to implement.

The Naked Truth

Now you should have a good idea, of why the visual and verbal consultation process is so important, especially if you want the best results from your treatment.

It may even have come as a surprise to learn, that a facial is so much more than just a treatment.

For those who would like further reading on the importance of consultation, skincare expert Florence Barrett Hill does a great job of discussing the importance of the facial analysis procedure.




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