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Perfect Skin Care Routine For Men in 2020

The Perfect Skin Care Routine For Men

Fellas! Think you don’t need a skincare routine tailored to your skin type?

Find out why you could be missing a trick if you skip the skincare.

Now we appreciate it can be easy to overlook your skin health, especially with the growing cultural notion that it cuts away from manliness,

But guys, it would help if you started reflecting on your skin habits and how you can keep your skin looking glowing and oil-free.

However, we appreciate many of you; it can be hard to figure out where to start and how to make time for a routine. If you find yourself as one of these men, look no further – here is our guide to finding the perfect skin routine.

Discovering your skin type

A great place to begin is actually figuring out what kind of skin type you have. Breaking down your routine and deciding on how you’re going to nurture your skin will all be dependent on the habits of your skin, so let’s get into each type and their characteristics:

Normal skin: If this is you, you have been blessed with minimal flaws on your naturally smooth and glowing skin. It would help if you kept it simple with your skincare routine; for you, it’s all about preventative measures that help to ward off premature ageing.

Dry skin: If you find your skin often feels one size too small and often flaky, you most likely have dry skin that lacks the necessary moisture to keep your skin healthy. You may also have discomfort and itchiness which causes lack-lustre looking skin.

Combination skin: Because there are so many conditions going on with this skin type, it can be tricky to treat, so we created an entire article on combination skin which you can read all about here.

Oily skin:  Are you tired of seeing that daily shine? Or often deal with acne and breakouts, or maybe your pores are really visibly? Then chances are you have hit the oily skin jackpot – because it’s not all bad news for you oily skinned men, this means that you will be less likely to age as quickly as your dry-skin brothers.

Want to learn more about the different skin types? Then we have you covered; follow the link to find out more.

Skincare routine

Regardless of your skin type, there are steps that you can implement to achieve your skincare goals:

  • cleansing
  • moisturising
  • toning
  • exfoliating
  • sunscreen

The article on building the best skincare routine in 2020 will help you achieve your skincare goals quickly.

Additional habits to consider

Your grooming habits will significantly affect your skin. For instance, if you boast facial hair and a thick beard, a lot of oil and moisture can build up in this area.

Likewise, if you shave often, many bacteria can accumulate on a razor and can lead to breakouts, and a vicious cycle of infection. With this in mind, think about the type of razor blades you use; if your skin is prone to breaking out, maybe disposable razors are the way for you to go, to keep you blemish-free.

Don’t be tempted to use bar soap; it can dry your skin out and really strip your skin, causing sensitivity. If you want to read more about this, our article on the soap and water debate is a great read.


Being on top of the products you use is a simple way to keep your skin healthy.

Many men find it difficult to find a skincare routine that works for them. With these tips, we’re hopeful you at least have a solid direction and idea of how you can improve your skin-care habits.

If you’re ever looking for more guidance on your skin, the secrets behind it, and more, be sure to check out more of our blog.


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