The Perfect Skin Care Routine For Men

The Perfect Skin Care Routine For Men

For many men, it can be easy to overlook your skin health. Especially with the growing cultural notion that it cuts away from manliness, it’s essential for men to start reflecting on their skin habits and how they can keep their skin looking glowing and pores clear. Thanks to tons of great products and emerging brands, it’s now easier than ever to get involved with taking care of your skin and taking pride in its appearance. However, for many men, especially busy men, it can be hard to figure out where to start and how to make time for a regimen. If you find yourself as one of these people, look no further. Here is our guide to finding the perfect skin routine for you.

Discovering your skin type

A great place to begin is actually figuring out what kind of skin type you have. Breaking down your routine and deciding on how you’re going to nurture your skin will all be dependent on the habits of your skin. As we’ll discuss later as well, different products are better for different types of skin, so knowing ahead of time the way your skin reacts will make it a simpler time to shop for products that will work best for you. With that being said, let’s get into each type and their characteristics:

Dry skin: If you find your skin often appears cracked and flaky, you most likely have dry skin that lacks the necessary moisture to keep your pores looking fresh. Men with dry skin often can have discomfort and itchiness that can cause lack-luster looking skin.

Oily skin: On the contrary, men with oily skin are more likely to deal regularly with acne and breakouts. If your pores are visibly bigger and you find a regular greasy feeling across your skin, it’s likely your skin overproduces sebum, the glossy substance that’s meant to protect and hydrate your skin.

-Combination skin: What everyone strives to have is combination skin, a perfect blend of moisture and substances that give off a radiant and impressive look. Although this skin-type is far and few between for many men, there are some who have perfectly clean skin. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about a skincare regimen though!

-Sensitive skin: Last but not least is sensitive skin, and this can be one of the toughest skin types to find a solution for. Having to do with the actual texture of your skin, men with sensitive skin (which can combine with the above types) may have tougher times with skin products that can cause eventual rashes, itchiness, and even visual bumps.


What you can do about it

Regardless of your skin type, there are steps and actions that you can begin implementing to help you achieve your skincare goals. For men, it all starts with adjusting to a mindset and staying dedicated to the mission. It’s no secret that many men are constantly busy with the daily fibers of life, but finding time, whether that be before bed or when you wake up in the morning, can be the first step to improving your skin. This starts with keeping your face nice and clean.


Begin with cleaning your face regularly, especially in the morning or after you sweat like at the gym or on a warm day. Start with opening your pores with warm soapy water. Using warm, not hot, water will allow the good nutrients of a cleanser into your pores in order to properly clean them. Once you apply a cleanser that fits perfect for your skin type, end the wash with a cold water rinse that will properly close your pores back up and will prevent any excess oil from entering and causing breakouts.


When it comes to finding your cleanser, be diligent in regards to one that fits your skin type. For oily-skinned men who should double down and wash twice a day, search for cleansers that are oil-free and contain benzoyl peroxide. This will help fight the risk of breakouts. For those with drier skin, look for something light like a cleanser cream that will not only clean your face but also moisturize it.


From there, the final two steps are moisturizing and exfoliating. Depending on the mission you’re after, different moisturisers and exfoliators serve different purposes. Alongside daily washing, men should be moisturizing and exfoliating regularly to avoid dry skin and breakouts.


Additional habits to start incorporating:

What many men don’t realize is that many of their daily habits can affect their skin health. This means that altering your lifestyle routines can in fact actually make a difference in the appearance of your skin. This starts with your grooming and shower habits. Men who boast facial hair and particularly thick beards don’t realize how much oil and moisture sits on your face. Likewise for those who shave it all off forget about the bacteria that sits on your razors and can cause acne the next time it’s put to use. With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about investing in skin-protecting razor blades and products that will keep you looking sharp and blemish-free.


Additionally, many men forget about their body skin and the importance of keeping everything clean from head to toe. This all starts in the shower. While many men experience dry skin from the combination of hot showers and body wash, it’s time to start looking into the kinds of soaps to use on your body. If you have dry skin, try and stay away from bar soap, which can dry your skin out easier, and opt for a more moisturizing body wash. On the other end of the spectrum, oily skinned men should be prioritizing water-based soaps rather than ones filled with additional oils. Being on top of your showering products is a simple way to stay ahead of the game.


Finally, begin making a habit of consuming daily vitamins that can help your skin prosper. There are all different types of vitamins that can make different impacts on how luscious your skin looks. In order to make it easier, we’ve put together our own guide for the best vitamins you should be taking based on your skin type.


Lastly, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Many men find it difficult to find a skincare regimen that works for them. With these tips, we’re hopeful you at least have a solid direction and idea of how you can improve your skin-care habits. If you’re ever looking for more guidance on your skin, the secrets behind it and more, be sure to check out more of our blog here.


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