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Dangers of an Over-Exfoliated Skin

Many of us fall into the same trap.

Of buffing our way to lighter, brighter skin.

But did you know if you’re an enthusiastic exfoliator, you may be doing more harm than good?

That’s right; it is possible to over-stimulate your skin.

This type of trauma can trigger an inflammatory response, and in some cases, lead to premature ageing.

Over-Exfoliated Skin

Signs of an over-exfoliated skin

You mustn’t approach this part of your skincare regime as if you were scrubbing a frying pan.

No matter how oily or dry your skin is.

Sensitive Skin Types

If you have sensitive or oily skin with breakouts, try to steer clear of exfoliation, otherwise use an enzymatic powder or gommage exfoliant.

A gommage will gently roll away dry skin cells that adhere to the surface of the skin, without causing irritations or upsetting the delicate micro-flora that makes up your acid mantle and lives on the skin’s surface.

When damp, a powder will ball up on the skin, sloughing away the dead skin cells; these enzymes work like little Pac-men, breaking down any dead skin cells in their path.

Beware of manual E\exfoliants

Are you a fan of scrubs and manual exfoliants? Then you may be interested to know that the basis of many of the cheap range of manual exfoliants is apricot pits, walnut husks, or even sugar.

So, what’s the problem with these ingredients? They contain grains that are not completely spherical in shape; their sharp edges can lacerate the skin, causing tiny micro scars.

Scratching and irritating the epidermis will make your already sensitive skin issues appear worse, creating a chain reaction of inflammation and irritation that will set off a whole host of complicated skin conditions including an impaired barrier repair function.

Instead, we encourage the use of gentle exfoliating ingredients.

Look out for ingredients in your formulas such as papaya and pineapple enzymes, jojoba beads, bamboo and diatamous earth, all of which are completely natural and non-irritating.

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  1. Barney says:

    Appreciate this article. I now have
    a much clearer idea of what is involved with exfoliation and how to look after my skin, A great series Thankyou!

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