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Nutrition Tips For Healthy Skin

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Skin

Face red and inflamed? Have you been drinking too much alcohol?

Suffering from breakouts or acne? Are you eating too much processed food?

Concerned about premature ageing? Are you eating too much sugar – come now, surely you have heard of sugar face?

The point is here; we really are what we eat.

Beauty really is an inside job

How often do you stop to consider that your outer layer is merely a reflection of your inner processes? Have you ever looked at someone and instinctively been able to tell that their diet is completely out of whack?

Your skin is a dynamic organ, one that is completely reliant on the health of the 50 trillion cells that you are made of. The health of these cells is influenced by what is or isn’t present in the blood, nutrients, and hormones, all of which are directly affected by the food you eat.

We are all cellular energy, and we must feed and nourish all of the cells in our body, not just those on our face.

Through my own personal journey with my skin conditions, I began to appreciate the profound effect nutrition had to help heal my own concerns. Once my body was healthy, my skin was able to repair itself.

Throughout this article, we hope to help you discover what your body really needs. What is your body asking you to eat, or drink more of?

When your body has an adequate supply of nutrients, they can be distributed to where they need to be; restoring your skin to a healthy, youthful glow.

Nutrition Supplements for Beauty

Vitamin A

This is a vital part of any healthy skin program.

Did you know that a build-up of dry, rough skin on the body, or on the soles of your feet, can be a sign that you aren’t getting enough vitamin A?

If you are suffering from rough patches, or tiny bumps on your back, upper arms, cheeks, or thighs, then chances are you may have keratosis pilaris – a harmless skin condition that’s caused by a lack of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B12

This essential vitamin becomes increasingly poorly absorbed with age. It is vital for protecting your DNA, and as a result, helps to slow down skin ageing.

Vitamin C

An essential vitamin for the skin, it helps with the formation of collagen in the dermis; the dense network of collagen, elastin, nerves, muscles, water carriers, and sweat glands found within your skin. It is essential because these skin structures are created when Vitamin C converts the amino acid proline into hydroxyproline. Put simply, without vitamin C; you’ll have no collagen.

One reason that our collagen and elastin fibres become less flexible and breakdown with age, is due to damage caused by free radicals such as those generated by UV and pollution. This damage can be greatly reduced by antioxidants, especially Vitamins A, and C.

You can find Vitamin C in our C+ Ascorbic Acid Complex.

Vitamin D

A vital anti-ageing vitamin that most of us don’t get enough of, it is created by the action of sunlight on the skin and needs the cholesterol found there to do it. So, unless you’re getting enough sun, be sure to top up regularly.


This is referred to as the “beauty mineral” in China. It has over 300 different metabolic processes in the body; it balances electrolytes and is essential for hydration and beautiful skin.

I have had my own experience with a severe lack of magnesium in the body, which led to severe neurological imbalances and poor skin, so this is one essential beauty nutrient I supplement with daily.


If your skin is not going to look as good as it could, then you may be lacking in this all-important mineral, that is required for the accurate production of new skin cells. Without it, you may suffer from stretch marks and poor wound healing, as well as a wide variety of skin problems, ranging from eczema to acne.


This is also another essential part of collagen synthesis. Copper builds strong cross-links in the dermis and helps to re-densify a thin, fragile skin, which is why you can find it in our DNA Age Delay Complex.

Vitamin E

This is one of the most important antioxidants, working to maintain the integrity of our cell membranes.


Because of my love of nutrition and my own personal healing journey through eating healthy and using intelligent ingredients topically, I am really excited to share this information with you in this next series – where together, we can decipher the correlation between nutrition and skin health like never before.

We are going to explore your inner world and the effect proper nutrition has on the way you look, feel, and think.

I’ll guide you on a journey into the nutrients to take for beautiful skin, hair, and nails, thus making it easy for you to make the right choices; whether that is through supplementation, a vitamin required to treat a skin condition, or what the cleanest plant protein is.

Helping you live a balanced life so that you can become the best version of yourself, both inside out.

Begin today and celebrate feeling great, taking the necessary steps to achieve natural beauty.

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