Flawless, dewy and wrinkle free.

If I were to say there is no such thing as a normal skin, I wonder how many would agree with me.

You see normal skin is abnormal.

Unless you are a new born baby that is.

It is very rare for an adult to have perfectly balanced skin, simply because there are so many intrinsic and extrinsic factors at play.


  • Your skin has never seen a pimple or breakout
  • Your skin constantly maintains a healthy glow
  • Your skin is naturally moisturised, neither too oily nor too dry
  • There are no signs of premature ageing; you think crow’s feet are something that birds have
  • The term oily T zone means nothing to you; you’ve never seen a blackhead or white head
  • You don’t have the slightest hint of hyper pigmentation or sun damage, which means you could possibly live in a cave
  • You never have to blot your skin or touch up with powder throughout the day, and you think daily shine is something the sun does
  • The little bit of oiliness or dryness you do experience is rare and easily resolved
  • Your pores are not invisible, but they’re not enlarged or obvious either

If you have answered no to any of these questions then congratulations, you have hit the GENETIC JACKPOT, because normal skin is the exception not the rule.


Since the oil-to-water ratio balance is the ultimate goal of all skin types, if you fall into this category where your skin naturally produces the ideal amount of oil, you do have that very rare skin type.

The exact balance of oil and water creates a barrier on the surface of the skin called the acid mantle, creating healthy micro flora and protection.

However your skin is a dynamic organ constantly changing, so it should not be taken for granted, so implementing a good daily skin care routine will prevent problems in the future.

Skin needs to stay healthy and protected so feeding it the right ingredients topically is important, because healthy skin is hydrated skin. Fortify moisturising complex is formulated without irritating ingredients and deliver the perfect amount of moisture for every type of skin

Feed your skin with the good stuff, gentle, natural products that will help to maintain the status quo, protecting it against potential irritants and UV, for today and for many years to come.




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