Naked chemist Labels, a work of art in progress

Our branding has taken a massive turn over the past few months.

Why? The brand has evolved with client demand in the clinic, and now it is growing organically online, which is exciting.

The name the Naked Chemist, arose from us wanting to create a range of skincare that was about transparency in skincare.

A completely natural range, with a fusion of science, threaded through it, but mostly it has to be about getting results and skin health.

Fortunately, as estheticians and with a keen interest in nutrition, we have a good idea of what ingredients work for the skin.

One area that does have particular interest for us, which is impossible to ignore when regularly treating people daily, is the important role that a healthy diet has on the skin, which is, of course, the body’s largest organ.

We are continually drawn towards superfoods and the power these precious nutrients have on the skin.

Ideally, we want the brand to be about taking the skin clinic to you, a fully customisable range, that can be used to target specific skin types and any conditions you may be concerned about.

Below are our initial labels; it is funny to see how far we have come. The next branding is far more reflective of the feel of the range, and ingredients within, watch this space.

Superfood for the Skin

Milky Almond and Honey


Go nuts with our decadently rich organic
almond oil combined with a scoop of exquisite
wild honey, nourishing ingredients that knows just how to soften smooth
and cleanse delicate dry skin.

Nakedly Nourishing

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