My Wonderful Creamy Body Butter Recipes

Solid solutions for the skin.

What’s not to like about them.

Body butter recipes are anhydrous, which means they don’t contain water.

So they don’t require preservatives, to prevent the lovely oils they contain from going rancid.

As a precaution, will recommend adding Vitamin E to your recipe, this will help to make your formula more stable.

For further reading about the types of butters you can use in your formulas, you may enjoy reading the article understanding ingredients used in body butter.

Body Butter Recipes

Below are a few home made body butter recipes, that you can get creative with straight away:

Creamy Avocado Butter

14 oz Avocado Butter
5 oz Meadow Foam
1 oz Green Tea Extract
5ml Essential Oil or Fragrance


  • Because this butter can be hard, ideally you will need to cut the butter down into small usable chunks, and place it in a mixing bowl
  • Put the blender on and start at a low speed, once mixed turn it up to high speed and give it a quick blast, or until the Avocado has become a wonderful creamy consistency
  • Next add the Meadow Foam oil and Green Tea Extract and mix together well
  • Then add  five mls of your chosen fragrance or essential oils.
  • Now with a spoon mix everything together until smooth, you will know when it is ready, simply by its beautiful consistency

Creamy Shea and Coconut Butter

This is one of those body butter recipes, that is simple yet effective.

14 oz Shea Butter
5 oz Coconut oil
5ml of Essential oil or Fragrance of choice


  • Weigh all the ingredients out
  • Add the butter and oils to your double boiler until they become soft
  • Once your butter has achieved the lovely fluffy consistency, its good to go.

You can get really creative with different types of butters such as Cocoa and Mango and wonderful healing Shea.

The same applies to the types of oils you use.

Following on from this series, I have also created an article on how to make a lotion bar, which you can read all about here.

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