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Cosmetic Labels

Browsing in a department store, you may have often found yourself drawn to a particular skincare brand.

So what just happened, when you reached for that beautifully packaged skincare product?

Did it appear to talk to you about your philosophy and lifestyle?

Well, you were just overpowered by the branding message, and the cosmetic labels,

This is all to do with shopper psychology.

As consumers, we have all fallen prey to product marketing at some point in our life.

Cosmetic and skincare packaging has to arguably be, one of the most competitive in the beauty industry.

Power of cosmetic labels

Just take a minute to think about all the different variety of styles of packaging and cosmetic labels available, for skincare products:

  • Classic
  • Clinical
  • Colourful
  • Stylish
  • Sleek
  • Elegant
  • Sporty
  • Retro

As consumers, we are all attracted to packaging that is new, different and innovative,

That agrees with our vision of ourselves and speaks to us of our lifestyle.

The way a skincare product is packaged has a huge influence on how we make our purchasing decisions because ultimately, it is a visual appeal that attracts consumer attention.

Rather than focusing on the research and development of packaging presentation, we prefer to focus on what really counts, research into skin, ingredients, and how best to harness the fresh, live, active ingredients within a formula.

We create pure and highly effective skincare products for our customerswhichat have a realistic price point that is affordable for them.

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