Eye Make Up Tips

Eye make up is an exciting tool.

It can be used to dramatically help enhance our best features.

Knowing exactly how to dress them can be a difficult technique to master.

There is just so much choice, when it comes to the colours and textures available.

The article enhance your eyes with these great eye makeup tips, which will give you all the know how you need.


Even if you weren’t born with long lashes, they are one of the easiest features to fake.

Mascara is a great tool for not only lengthening your lashes, but also finishing off the complete make up look.

They come in a variety of colours, and many of them contain fibres, which add extra length and thickness to lashes.


  • To apply mascara begin on the upper lashes
  • Begin by brushing the lashes down and then up from underneath
  • Use tiny zigzag motions as you draw your mascara up to the tips, this will prevent your mascara from clogging
  • Next use the tip of your mascara wand to brush your lower lashes, using a zigzag motion
  • Once applied, comb through the lashes, this will help to remove any excess product the wand has left behind
  • For a more defined look this process can be repeated a couple of times. It is important to repeat your second coat straight away.
  • Let the first coat dry before adding the next layer, or the first layer may crumble clogging the lashes.

If you’d like more eye make up tips and to learn how to create dazzling eyes,


No eye make up tips would be complete, without mentioning eyelash curlers, a clever little tool that will help to open your eyes.

You don’t want to spend hours creating fabulous eyes, to then leave your lashes looking bland.

Always curl your lashes first before applying mascara.

Use heated eyelash curlers, but if you don’t have access to any simply heat the metal of your curlers with your hair dryer, this will help the curl to hold for longer.

If you have never used curlers before, you will be amazed at how much bigger your eyes look after.

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