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Fortify barrier repair cream for dry, sensitive skin

Does your skin often feel dry and flaky?

Or maybe it gets slightly sensitised?

Or the appearance of fine lines is becoming more apparent.

This is due to lipid depletion in the skin barrier, which can cause a host of conditions.

This can include uneven skin tone, rough texture, premature ageing, irritation, extreme dryness, inflammation, etc.

This is because when the barrier function is impaired, it creates a cascade of inflammation in your skin; by using a barrier-restoring product, you reduce this inflammation.

Typically, products developed to repair the barrier function are ceramide dominant. Still, infact studies have found that they need to be cholesterol dominant if they are going to achieve optimal barrier function.

So what this means is that a poorly created product can have an adverse effect and damage the barrier function, whilst an intelligently formulated product will heal the barrier.

Fortify barrier repair cream is a wonderfully advanced moisture complex designed for a lipid, dry skin type packed full of skin-identical ingredients; it contains ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, the exact ratio found in your skin to promote barrier recovery in impaired skin.

We use skin-identical ceramides 1 and 3, which is crucial because they work better when combined to accelerate barrier repair than in isolation.

Fortify Barrier Repair Cream

It is an ultra-replenishing moisturising treatment designed to repair your skin s moisture barrier and refill cellular lipids whilst supporting natural healing. Studies have proven that a treatment containing ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids addresses chronologically aged skin.

The benefits speak for themself:

  • Supports natural skin repair
  • Replenishes the essential lipids within your skin that deplete through ageing and trauma,
  • Restores the external skin barrier: A 39%
  • Significantly improves hydration preventing TEWL

Recommendations for Use

very moisturising, fast-absorbing, emollient cream.

We often describe it as a protective second skin that you can apply over any other products in the morning to restore barrier function and prevent epidermal water loss throughout the day.

I recommend applying this product over a retinoid or niacinamide product in the evening. It helps to prevent dryness that may have developed.

It’s also ideal as a post-treatment cream, especially after invasive treatments that disrupt your barriers like laser, peels or micro-needling. First, apply your H20 hyaluronic acid skin shot to prep, then Fortify to seal and heal to repair the barrier.

Without maintaining your barrier, you are limited in achieving optimal results on your skin.

Pure Intention

Protection: Our natural protective barrier goes beyond skin; we must build protection into our daily routine from energies that may upset our equilibrium.

Become your own lightworker, radiating positive energy into any areas your body needs.

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  1. Karen maines says:

    Samantha we were working together before pandemic. I need the fortify without. Hyluronic acid as it dries my skin . Can we get into contact

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