Fortify barrier repair cream for dry, sensitive skin

Does your skin often feel dry and flaky and slightly sensitised?

Then chances are your barrier function is out of balance.

Fortify barrier repair cream, is the antidote to this, bringing much-needed relief.

It’s a wonderfully advanced moisture complex, designed for a lipid, dry skin type that is packed full of skin-identical ingredients:

  • lipids
  • ceramides
  • cholesterol
  • phospholipids
  • phytonutrients

Skin health benefits

  • replenishing, with skin-identical ingredients
  • restores the acid mantle that keeps skin healthy
  • ceramide-rich formula reinforces the skin’s barrier
  • offers IN-depth moisturisation; relieving dry skin conditions

Fortify barrier repair complex

An impaired skin requires particular attention to stay young and healthy, fortify barrier repair cream, repairs, and balances your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Phyto-nutrients neutralise free radicals helping to restore skin back to a youthful, healthy glow.

Ceramides and lipids provide deep nourishment, creating unparalleled smoothness, and repairing intercellular cement.

A structure surrounds our skin cells made up of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol in a complex of 1:1:1. This skin-identical combination perfectly imitates the structure of the skin, replenishing ingredients in the skin that are missing, helping to protect your skin’s barrier from irritants, whilst preventing water loss.

For the ultimate in moisturisation and hydration, Fortify can be customised with a blend of extra lipids using bio lipid complex in the evening, alternating with H20 hydrating complex, feeding your skin with extra nourishment and hydration.

Pure intention

Protection: Our natural protective barrier goes beyond skin; we need to build protection into our daily routine, from energies that may upset our equilibrium. Become your own lightworker, radiating positive energy into any areas your body needs it.

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