Meet Samantha

Transforming skin is what I do; it’s my passion
It’s my calling; there is no other option

Ever wondered what it takes to make it to the top in the skincare industry?

Currently, Samantha’s waiting list for treatments that address skin health is closed.

For those readers who would like to get to know more about her, here is an interview with the brilliant team behind the Tonic Room.

Where she discusses her philosophy and the reason behind the brand.

Which we hope will inspire you, on your journey to skin health.

What is the central message behind your skincare range?

The Naked Chemist philosophy is one of integrity and skin health; it’s as simple as that. I want to help people truly make a difference in their skin.

Transparency in beauty will always be at the core of my brand, especially in an industry that can be so full of hype, which often frustrates me.

You had your own skin challenges, tell us about that

Growing up, I had my own skin conditions; I suffered from psoriasis, which would flare up when I was under stress.

I began researching topical and internal ingredients. After seeing firsthand how natural ingredients helped me heal chronic inflammation in my own skin, pursuing a skincare industry career was a natural progression.

I know what it is like to be uncomfortable in your skin, and working in the beauty industry gave me the ability to reach as many people as possible, who were concerned about their skin conditions.

Why are you so passionate about skin health?

I really love what I do and see incredible results on peoples skin, from impaired barriers to extreme sensitivity, and people keep coming back, which is, of course, the real result.

My passion stems from a return to skin health and making a long-term visible difference in people’s skin; for me, there is nothing more rewarding, and starting a skincare range was just a natural progression.

How did you get into formulating skincare?

I’ve been formulating from a very young age, so you could say it was my calling; my parents would buy me chemistry sets as a child, and I would make crude rose waters and formulas.

At the age of six, I can remember getting really frustrated, because my crude formulas would go off after a few days.

Of course, I had no conception of preservatives, but even all those years ago it’s where my journey really began, which is why I say it’s my calling, my reason for being.

What inspires you?

Nature, I had an idyllic childhood growing up in rural Shropshire, and it was there my passion for nature began. Today I live in New Zealand close to the beautiful rain forest, so I can’t fail to be inspired.

Clearly having so much natural beauty on my doorstep, my skincare range had to come from a place of being deeply committed to nature and a light, carbon footprint.

I also am truly grateful to my parents, especially my late father, who loved nature and animals.

Why is customisation so important for you?

Working in the industry I am frustrated by commercial brands that have this “one skincare product fits all approach”,

We are all metabolically different, which is why my skincare line is focused on looking at skin individually, targeting their specific skin types and concerns.

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

The way I treat is unique, and my waiting list just kept growing, starting the Naked Chemist skincare range is a way to reach more people;

My skincare clients kept wanting to give what they were using to their friends, and in the end, because of their belief, the business grew.

That combined with the online presence, where I have reached so many people and help them with their skincare conditions.

Your Bio Lipid oil is a bestseller what inspired you to create it?

It was one of those products created out of necessity. Many of my clients who came to me had an impaired skin, due to using ingredients that were too active or from aggressive treatments.

Even some of the tried and tested; in house products’ I had worked on for years weren’t repairing the skin conditions presenting themselves in my clinic.

I felt we needed something more healing to a repair damaged barrier. I started looking at skin-identical ingredients that made up the hydro-lipid barrier, and after much researching, I came up with the blend and Bio lipid was created. This was closely followed by Fortify barrier repair cream.

I really have to thank many of my ‘In clinic’ clients who encouraged me to sell, because after treating them they couldn’t stop talking about what a difference it made to their impaired skin and well the rest is history.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Knowing that I have helped make a real difference in people’s skin, which affects their lives and working together with many of these clients to achieve that difference.

Is there any aspect of your job that you find tough?

In running a business, it’s the urgency of getting things done.

I spend a good portion of my day trying to respond to most of my clients where possible, helping them to solve their skin conditions.

Then there the research involved behind new formulas, to creating blends that really get results. We are constantly tweaking the formulas to benefit as many people as possible – it is essentially all about skin health.

Of course the business side – when every little bit needs something done yesterday!

What is your approach to your treatments?

The essence behind the treatments and products is to treat everyone individually, with a customised approach. Using active products and treatments that individually target concerns specific to that client.

What is so great about the clinic, is that I can take these really incredible results-driven treatments, bottle them to reach a larger audience, and turn them into at-home treatments.

What is your goal behind the Naked Chemist products?

I wanted to take the concept beyond the beauty clinic and combine this with everything I have learnt in the industry and treat thousands of different clients skins over the years.

To create a skincare range that has the power to change peoples skin on a cellular level, without causing inflammation, which I believe, is at the route of premature ageing.

Do you have a mentor?

My article natural beauty pays homage to Horst Rechelbacher, who started Aveda; he was the pioneer behind Eco-friendly products and organic living.

I credit his book Aveda rituals, for starting me on my journey into holistic health and natural skincare.

You love writing about skin, why is this so important?

Transparency in beauty is central to my message at NC; my blog is my chance to give back, reach a larger audience, and contribute.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction, then someone reaching out about their skin concerns, and then helping them find a solution to their skincare problem.

What is your vision for the future?

My vision today is still the same as it was when I first entered the industry.

To create a range of products that people know they can trust, and use with confidence.

Ultimately helping as many people as possible, to achieve optimum skin health.

How do you recommend we achieve more balance in our daily lives?

Breathe – just becoming aware of change within us and how we respond to situations! Take small steps often – make a do-able plan and constantly check in to ensure that you’re getting what you need out of life.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring businesswomen?

Find your dream, your belief, and follow it. Don’t give up as there is always a way.

My naked truth

Transforming skin is truly my passion.

To watch peoples life transform and change because of their skin is what keeps me going, it’s the very essence of my brand, and at the very core of what I do.

This site is dedicated to my late father, who loved all things in nature and taught me what it truly means to be nurtured by nature, and for that, I am forever grateful!

I will always miss you.

6 thoughts on “Meet Samantha

  1. Jennie says:


    Do you have any advice for skin that has become very sensitised and reactive, when for years it wS normal, I’m guessing the barrier is weakened and pretty much a everything makes my skin feel like it’s under attack,
    You mention steer clear of essential oils?? Which ones do you mean??
    I’ve been using carrier oils such as
    Passion fruit,
    I’m about to try
    Pumpkin seed
    And pomegranate oil, are these safe for extremely sensitive skin??


    • Verified Author Samantha Miller replied:

      Do you have an email, so I can send a list of what works and what doesn’t? Less is really best and yes avoid essential oils or any type of fragrance.
      In the future I wil be creating a formula for a sensitve skin, it will be a serum called “ambulance in a bottle,” a herbal formula that is completely soothing, that will contain some of the herbs mentioned above. So please look out for it.

  2. Hannah vo says:

    Thank you for all of the information that you’ve shared. Your site has been immensely helpful in my quest to formulate a customized moisturizer for my dry, dehydrated skin. I’m at a place where I need to care for fine lines and age spots and am on a mission to move away from products with marketing hype, fillers, preservatives and ingredients that are not natural or organic. On this mission, I’ve had serious allergic reactions to rosehip and jojoba oil, but I’m not discouraged. With your information, I’ve created a twice daily regimen of aloe vera gel, a serum consisting of avocado oil, evening primrose oil, and hyaluronic acid. Currently, I’m doing a patch test with squalane (olive derived) and hoping not to have an allergic reaction. My skin loses a lot of moisture through the transdermal layer and I hope that with all the information that you’ve shared, I will be able to formulate a serum that will allow my skin to age gracefully. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your honestly is very much appreciated.

    • Verified Author Samantha Miller replied:

      You are more then welcome, really pleased that you have found the information contained in the pages of the website useful. That formula sounds great, honestly sometimes even the most simplistic of formulas are the most effective, especially when you have sensitive skin. However on a final note, be sure to steer clear of fragrances and essential oils, which can be irritating especially to an already sensitised skin.

  3. Orazio Caloroso says:

    Read a bit about you it was really interesting. I am really interested in learning more about skin care so your information was really useful, thankyou.

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