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Meet Samantha

Fear, frustration, loss and despair, are not words you would normally associate with when discussing a skincare routine unless you’re like me, that is, who had battled eczema and psoriasis for many years.

Often it felt like I was fighting a battle that I was never going to win. Good days were often defined by exactly how much makeup I needed to cover up my rash, whilst bad days found me in front of the mirror, feeling upset and worthless.

There was also the psychological aspect, critical remarks constantly going around in my head – does she even use a skincare routine, poor girl, can you see that rash? What are those lumps? I feel so sorry for her.

My parents spent years and hundreds on my skin, going to countless doctors, dermatologists, nutritionists, and aestheticians; it felt like I trialled every skincare product available and steroid cream – until my skin got so thin, it couldn’t tolerate anything.

I was also confused with all the conflicting advice available – your cleaning with the wrong products, your moisturising too little, no wait, your moisturising too much, you should not use that washing powder, or are you using steroids? But don’t use them too long, on and on, and the confusion just built.

Meet Samantha

I longed to find real solutions to my problems and get real results. I wanted to feel confident that what I was doing was actually working, to one day stop saying I hope this will work and start saying I truly know this will work.

This desperation led me on a lifelong journey studying everything from what we put on and into our bodies, researching the physiology of the skin, skin conditions and the role of epigenetics and how this affects the skin’s natural healing process.

This led me to embark on a career in the industry;  I studied for three years as an aesthetician and one year in spa management. I worked as an international spa manager and taught the anatomy of the skin in colleges, and finally, I opened my own clinic.

Slowly I built the puzzle and began to answer the questions we all have. Why? Why me? Why does nothing work? Why is this condition so complicated? In learning the answer to the why and helping countless others with their skin concerns, I finally discovered the how. How to clear the rash, how to manage psoriasis and calm redness and prevent inflammation.

Now that I understood how to clear my skin, I started to create the right routine for my condition and finally, after many, many years of battling eczema and psoriasis, with frustration and desperation, I was able to see the results all the years of hard work had finally paid off. I had found the results I was looking for; I could finally leave my skin makeup-free; it was an instant confidence boost, and I knew I had to share this, and that was how the Naked Chemist skincare range was created.

After 25 years of working closely with so many skin types and conditions, I have found how to deal with many challenging skin conditions, so whether you are dealing with eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne or breakouts, whether that be from hormones, pregnancy, cystic, whiteheads, blackheads or premature I can help.

Today I am proud to say that the Naked Chemist range is so much more than just a skincare company; it is not only the result of my own skin issues but 25 years of working directly with other people who are experiencing their own challenges with their skin. It is a revolution to fix the skin conditions that many of us experience and get you the results you have been looking for.

So if you are tired of saying I hope this will work and want to say I know this will, then join me, as I teach you everything I know about skin and how to treat it correctly, so you can get the results you are looking for and begin to feel confident in your skin.

If you would like to find out more, the following article is a Q and A with Samantha.

6 thoughts on “Meet Samantha

  1. Jennie says:


    Do you have any advice for skin that has become very sensitised and reactive, when for years it wS normal, I’m guessing the barrier is weakened and pretty much a everything makes my skin feel like it’s under attack,
    You mention steer clear of essential oils?? Which ones do you mean??
    I’ve been using carrier oils such as
    Passion fruit,
    I’m about to try
    Pumpkin seed
    And pomegranate oil, are these safe for extremely sensitive skin??


    • Samantha Miller says:

      Do you have an email, so I can send a list of what works and what doesn’t? Less is really best and yes avoid essential oils or any type of fragrance.
      In the future I wil be creating a formula for a sensitve skin, it will be a serum called “ambulance in a bottle,” a herbal formula that is completely soothing, that will contain some of the herbs mentioned above. So please look out for it.

  2. Hannah vo says:

    Thank you for all of the information that you’ve shared. Your site has been immensely helpful in my quest to formulate a customized moisturizer for my dry, dehydrated skin. I’m at a place where I need to care for fine lines and age spots and am on a mission to move away from products with marketing hype, fillers, preservatives and ingredients that are not natural or organic. On this mission, I’ve had serious allergic reactions to rosehip and jojoba oil, but I’m not discouraged. With your information, I’ve created a twice daily regimen of aloe vera gel, a serum consisting of avocado oil, evening primrose oil, and hyaluronic acid. Currently, I’m doing a patch test with squalane (olive derived) and hoping not to have an allergic reaction. My skin loses a lot of moisture through the transdermal layer and I hope that with all the information that you’ve shared, I will be able to formulate a serum that will allow my skin to age gracefully. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your honestly is very much appreciated.

    • Samantha Miller says:

      You are more then welcome, really pleased that you have found the information contained in the pages of the website useful. That formula sounds great, honestly sometimes even the most simplistic of formulas are the most effective, especially when you have sensitive skin. However on a final note, be sure to steer clear of fragrances and essential oils, which can be irritating especially to an already sensitised skin.

  3. Orazio Caloroso says:

    Read a bit about you it was really interesting. I am really interested in learning more about skin care so your information was really useful, thankyou.

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