Meet the founder

Meet Samantha the Founder

I promise to provide advanced natural skincare backed by skin science.
“The Naked Chemist” embodies this commitment—stripped back to essentials, focusing on efficacy and transparency.

Hello, I’m Samantha, the founder of The Naked Chemist.

My skincare journey began with my own personal struggles—eczema and psoriasis—where I felt defined by my condition, which greatly affected my confidence.

Managing my condition was a daily challenge, with good days often requiring makeup to conceal rashes and bad days spent feeling disheartened in front of the mirror.

Despite trying numerous skincare products, including steroid creams that left my skin thin and intolerant, I was overwhelmed by conflicting advice and confusion.

I think anyone experiencing skin challenges will know that feeling all too well.

So, I began to research the science behind skincare ingredients. Through careful experimentation and research, I identified the culprits that aggravated my skin condition, and over time, I witnessed my skin’s remarkable healing.

This journey ignited a passion for skin health and ingredient chemistry.

I dedicated four years to studying esthetics, spa management, and clinical aromatherapy. I then assumed roles as an international spa manager and educator, teaching skin anatomy in colleges. Ultimately, this path led me to open my own clinic.

Unsatisfied with existing products that failed to address my clients’ diverse skin concerns, I created a problem-solving skincare range that harnesses the power of natural ingredients while eliminating harmful irritants.

To me, skincare transcends superficial beauty—it’s an opportunity to restore and nurture your skin’s innate healing processes.

But this journey isn’t about me; it’s about you and your path to healthy skin.

With over three decades of hands-on experience dealing with numerous skin types and conditions, I’ve pieced together the puzzle and found the answers to the questions that plague many of my clients: Why is this skin condition so complicated? Why do some treatments seem ineffective? Why does my skin react to everything?

So, whether you’re battling eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, or breakouts, tired of uncertainty, and longing to feel confident in your skin, I invite you to join me. Together, we’ll identify your concerns and embark on a journey to transform your skin.

Through my articles and social media channels, I share the knowledge I’ve accumulated about skin health. My goal is simple: to empower you and guide you towards becoming your own skin care expert so you can begin to foster a deep sense of confidence in your skin.

Start by browsing my free ebooks, which cover a range of skin conditions, and let’s embark on this journey towards healthier, happier skin together.

If you would like to find out more, the following article is a Q&A with Samantha

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Do you have any advice for skin that has become very sensitised and reactive, when for years it wS normal, I’m guessing the barrier is weakened and pretty much a everything makes my skin feel like it’s under attack,
You mention steer clear of essential oils?? Which ones do you mean??
I’ve been using carrier oils such as
Passion fruit,
I’m about to try
Pumpkin seed
And pomegranate oil, are these safe for extremely sensitive skin??


Do you have an email, so I can send a list of what works and what doesn’t? Less is really best and yes avoid essential oils or any type of fragrance.
In the future I wil be creating a formula for a sensitve skin, it will be a serum called “ambulance in a bottle,” a herbal formula that is completely soothing, that will contain some of the herbs mentioned above. So please look out for it.

Thank you for all of the information that you’ve shared. Your site has been immensely helpful in my quest to formulate a customized moisturizer for my dry, dehydrated skin. I’m at a place where I need to care for fine lines and age spots and am on a mission to move away from products with marketing hype, fillers, preservatives and ingredients that are not natural or organic. On this mission, I’ve had serious allergic reactions to rosehip and jojoba oil, but I’m not discouraged. With your information, I’ve created a twice daily regimen of aloe vera gel, a serum consisting of avocado oil, evening primrose oil, and hyaluronic acid. Currently, I’m doing a patch test with squalane (olive derived) and hoping not to have an allergic reaction. My skin loses a lot of moisture through the transdermal layer and I hope that with all the information that you’ve shared, I will be able to formulate a serum that will allow my skin to age gracefully. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your honestly is very much appreciated.

You are more then welcome, really pleased that you have found the information contained in the pages of the website useful. That formula sounds great, honestly sometimes even the most simplistic of formulas are the most effective, especially when you have sensitive skin. However on a final note, be sure to steer clear of fragrances and essential oils, which can be irritating especially to an already sensitised skin.

Read a bit about you it was really interesting. I am really interested in learning more about skin care so your information was really useful, thankyou.

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