Medicinal Plants and their Uses

Medicinal plants are extremely healing.

Their beautification and medicinal benefits can be traced back to the Egyptians and beyond.

The oldest herbal prescription is still in existence today, which was written on a baked clay tablet.

For centuries the art of natural beauty, and combining healing herbs for cosmetic purposes, has almost been lost.

In this century we have become dazzled by new synthetic, cosmetic ingredients and over the counter drugs.

Yet many of these wonder drugs, touted as the next best miracle cure, often come with damaging side effects.

We have been all too quick to discard old fashioned remedies that have effectively been used by our ancestors for centuries.

Now because of companies like The Naked Chemist, beauty is going back to its roots and nature for its benefits.


A Family Tradition

To understand living plants, growing, gathering and drying them, and using them for healing is a learned art, past down through generations.

My Grandmother is a keen herbalist; she turns to nature before she goes to the pharmacy to cure an ailment.

I was brought up using herbs, my gran passed her formulations on to me and I treasure them and put them to use at The Naked Chemist.

Growing up, I used to delight in helping her collect herbs and prepare ointments and remedies; through my grandmother, I have been able to bring together the best of ancient tradition and modern discoveries.

You can read more in our story.

I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to pass on these herbal recipes and remedies through this blog, a vehicle that gives me the opportunity to help educate others; which is why my philosophy is all about transparency in beauty.

I love sharing this knowledge with my readers, especially about the healing benefits of medicinal plants and their many uses.

Through the blog and my skincare range, I hope to help others to achieve optimum skin health, using the healing power of nature, for now and many years to come.

The Naked Chemist range of products, is all about harnessing the richness and diversity of New Zealand’s natural botanical habitat; to create an intoxifying blend of organic herbs and plant tinctures, that deliver penetrating healing and regenerative nourishment to damaged, sensitive skin.

Please do drop me a line in the comments, if you have any questions about herbs and their wonderful vitality.

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